Home Decorating Ideas – Where to Hang Artwork

Do you always wonder where to hang artwork in your home or apartment? Artwork is such a wonderful addition to your home décor and should be given the utmost consideration when putting the final touches on a room. These interior decorating ideas will make the task of hanging artwork much easier.

To know how high to hang artwork, use the guideline that your wall art should be hung at eye level. It makes a difference if you are standing in a hallway or sitting on a couch in the living room. In a hallway eye level could be approximately 5-6 feet. In the living area wall art should be hung much lower on the wall. An easy way to determine where the bottom of a picture should be is to measure one hand length above the piece of furniture.

Where should artwork be placed on the wall? Artwork should be connected to the rest of the furniture in the room or linked to another piece of art by keeping them near one another.

When deciding whether to hang a small print or a larger print, a rule of thumb to use is the size of your artwork should be in proportion to the size of the furniture or the size of the wall if there is no furniture. A small sofa requires a small piece of artwork or small grouping of artwork. On the contrary, a large sofa requires a larger print or a grouping that makes a statement!

How many items should be in a grouping? Design professionals tell us that an odd number of items are more visually appealing to the eye than an even number of items. When grouping wall art, the pieces should be situated close to each other so that they form a combined unit and work as a single wall hanging.

When choosing a mat and frame, consider the decorating style of the room as well as the colors in the room. The choice of frame should reflect the style of the room while the mat is usually concerning the color. The color of the mat can bring out the smallest hint of color in the picture. Thus, you can play up a particular color with a mat even though it may not be the primary color in the picture. The color in the frame can act in a comparable way to bring out a less important color in the picture.

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