Scrapbooking Books – The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking (Spiral-Bound)

The gang at Memory Makers (Basically some of the editors of the Memory Makers magazine and Memory Makers Books) employ many of their own ideas and expertise to show many exciting and refreshing styles of scrapbooking layouts employing many colors and textures that might not be commonly used. The editors also employ many tips from various industry experts to enable the showcasing that a crafter needs to know about scrapbooking. These include practical suggestions to cutting-edge creative ideas.

One of the things I really like about this book is that it is spiral bound. You can open the page completely and work on the page you want. A really great idea for the scrapbooker. Its kinda surprising this idea isn’t used more often. This book also has a real wealth of information. If you need ideas about how to get your workspace and photos organized, tools, page design and techniques and journaling this book can really help you.

Another really good chapter in this book is based on photography. It gives the reader many options about taking that perfect shot. This is really great if you’re becoming frustrated a lack of ideas this great book offers numerous choices to make your page complete.

Some of the Items readers will learn about include:

– Preservation: practical tips and optimal conditions for keeping one’s pages well preserved for future generations

– Journaling: creative ideas for presenting a journal

– Photography: optimal shooting conditions for indoors and outdoors

– Page design and layout: basic design principles and what makes a page complete

– Creative techniques: step-by-step examples of popular techniques from basic to advanced

– Organization/supplies: supplies needed for scrapbooking, along with suggested methods for storing, organizing and using those supplies

Its interesting that while scrapbook styles change, information on tools and supplies, techniques, photography, design basics, preservation, organization and journaling remain the same timeless.

Author and Publisher: Memory Makers Books are an extension of the widely popular Memory Makers magazine

Spiral-bound: 224 pages

Approximate Cost $17.00

This book is a great addition if you already have Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking

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