Visit Furniture Stores For Open Floor Plan Ideas

The open floor plan is currently the hottest home layout option in the real estate market. This plan combines the kitchen, living room, and dining room into one large area. Homeowners love that this particular layout frees up space in smaller homes. However, selecting furniture for one area that serves the purposes of three is challenging. Pieces that look right in a separate dining or living room can easily look thrown together in an open space. Start planning your look by visiting local furniture stores for ideas.

There are a number of benefits to opting for an open floor plan. Combining your living room, dining room, and kitchen means that you can spend more time socializing with your guests while entertaining. Parents can also keep an eye on their kids while preparing meals or doing chores. The concept allows for more natural light to enter the house. Interior walls that would otherwise block sunlight coming in through the windows are removed. However, your pieces must be placed just right to accommodate dining and entertaining and to make sure that the space does not look cluttered. Visiting furniture stores to see how an open concept area is staged is a great way to get ideas about how to use your existing furniture, or what new pieces might refresh your space.

Designers also offer advice on how to arrange your kitchen, living room, and dining area. When planning your layout, you need to consider the flow of traffic. This is important for safety and to prevent your space from looking cluttered. Additionally, you should take into consideration the specific activities going on in each area and place your furniture accordingly.

One way in which you can arrange your furniture is by organizing it around focal points. Place a sofa in front of a large window with a view, an oversized armchair near a fireplace, or a sectional in front of a widescreen television. You can also use your furniture to create distinct areas within your open space. Large rugs help define areas for eating or lounging. An area rug placed under a dining room table creates the appearance of a separate dining area. Another rug in a complimentary color scheme placed in the living area suggests a different setting for lounging, watching television, or visiting.

Choosing the right color scheme can also be difficult to do in an open floor plan. It is tempting to paint the living room, kitchen, and dining room different colors. However, each of these rooms shares walls. Your best bet is to select a neutral color for the entire space. Decorative lamps, rugs, and pillows can be brought in for added color. Again, it is important to keep in mind that each room shares a space. The colors in each area do not need to match, but they should not clash.

Planning your open layout home can be tricky. Not everyone has an eye for interior design, even in the most basic setting. Fortunately, furniture stores are filled with ideas to create a livable, functional open floor plan.

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