Home Security Systems Go High Tech

Home Security Systems Go High Tech

It should be no surprise that home security systems are on the cutting edge of technology. With new gadgets appearing on the market daily, the security industry is quick to incorporate the technology. The result is some very sophisticated security systems that are integrated with everyday devices such as smart phones.


While homeowners with new homes usually have a hard-wired system in place, those with older homes are opting for wireless options. Wireless home security systems offer many advantages. With a wireless keypad, a homeowner can control their system from outside their home. This keypad can look similar to a key fob for a car. Or, more commonly, it is connected to a homeowner’s phone. Either way, wireless options allow the homeowner to control their system without needing to be inside their house. Wireless systems also allow the homeowner to easily add more security devices without having to install additional wiring – a new wireless component can take minutes to set up and integrate into the system.

Touch Screens

With all the touch screen tablets and phones on the market, why not incorporate the touch screen into security systems? Touch screens allow homeowners to monitor and control their home security in a sophisticated way. Digital control panels and keypads with physical buttons are a thing of the past. The touch screen is a mini-computer that offers an abundance of information about your home in one place.

The Security App

That’s right; you can download the security app to your smart phone. As most systems are connected directly to a homeowner’s mobile phone, the phone app can provide additional access to home security systems. The app is designed so that the homeowner can activate or deactivate their alarm system from anywhere. They can also access security cameras so that they can check up on their home, or children and pets, through the day.

Smart Security

While some homeowners may not use the security app, they might appreciate a text message letting them know that their child arrived safely home from school. Security systems are increasingly connected to smart phones. This way, as long as the homeowner is with their phone, they can instantly be alerted to any type of home emergency.

Smart Sensors

Motion detectors used to be activated whether there was movement or not within the sensors frame of detection. Now, there are smart sensors that can differentiate the family dog from an intruder. They can also recognize the difference between a child going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and a burglar.


Remember the old clunky security cameras from detective television shows? These no longer exist. Chances are, you would have a difficult time finding the cameras that are now part of advanced security systems. Wireless and remotely operated cameras are discreet and increasingly inexpensive. They are connected to the homeowner’s smart phone so that they can easily be accessed.

Home protection systems are changing. As technology becomes more advanced and accessible, security systems are updating what they have to offer to homeowners.

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