Five Elements of Feng Shui for Your Living Room Furniture

Home owners nowadays rely on interior designers to make their home a haven of their choice. They invest money on it because for them it will be worth it. Home owners, however, would like to have an additional touch in their homes. They would like their homes to be showered with lots of luck. So, they would ask the help of a Feng Shui Consultant. A Feng Shui Consultant’s service fee will also cost a lot, but again, home owners find that investing with their service will be worth it as their advice can bring wealth and happiness to the family.

Feng Shui had been with us for a very long time, and this is basically about a Chinese philosophy based on the positive and the negative energies (yin and yang). These energies are also called “chi” or the universal energy. In Feng Shui, the structure of the house plays an important role. For example, the front door should be facing the east so that the house will always go with the rising sun (or as they interpret this, the family will always have a positive and a refreshed mood). Another thing that is important with Feng Shui is the placement of the home furniture sets. Home living room, home bedroom, home bathroom and home decor furniture sets, and even patio sets can be arranged according to the teachings of Feng Shui and the arrangements of this can bring positive energies to the family.

Home furniture sets should be arranged according to the five elements known in Feng shui, namely, fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. These elements, when applied appropriately, will create balance to you and your home. The fire element in Feng shui consists of the red color, and this will represent love, passion, and emotion. You can apply this to the color of your furniture sets. This is best applied to home bedroom furniture sets. But be careful when applying this to your living room furniture, particularly the sofa, as this will not be an inviting color for a positive energy (or as interpreted — for guests). The second element is earth, and the best material to use for this element is for furniture sets made of stone. This element will provide balance to our daily life because as they say, earth to ground will balance us. This element can be used on home bathroom furniture and home decor furniture sets. The third element is metal, this element will provide strength and focus to the family and can be applied on almost all furniture sets. The fourth element is water, and this represents the flow of life. You can have this element by balancing the blue and black color. The last element is wood, and can be associated to trees as they are the main source of wood. This element symbolizes opportunities ever growing for you and your family.

Now that you know the different elements in Feng Shui, it is now time for you to balance the five elements. You can always go to the nearest home furniture store near your area, and choose the right home furniture sets that you know will give balance to your life as you set them in your home.

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