How to Create Memorable Graduation Announcements

Insider info provides personalization tips for graduation announcements

Times have changed, and so have graduation announcements. It’s time to say goodbye to dull, formal graduation invitations and say hello to colorful, trendy and unique announcements that are just as stylish as the graduate. With various fonts, different layout options and personalized messages, graduation invitations can go beyond announcing what you’ve accomplished by being expressive and uniquely you. It’s all about personalization for today’s graduation announcements.

Whether you’re celebrating a high school graduation or passing the bar exam, graduation announcements can cover a wide range of important accomplishments. Did your little one just finish kindergarten? Let’s celebrate! Did you just finish extensive job training to get a promotion? Let loved ones know! Did you complete a master’s program? Show off your hard work! Family and friends will be just as proud as you are, so they’ll be excited when they receive a graduation announcement in the mail.

Say “Cheese”

There’s no better way to make your announcements top the charts of uniqueness than with pictures of the graduate. Whether you use a favorite picture from your childhood or a recent one demonstrating your future field of work, photo graduation announcements allow family and friends to focus on what matters most – the graduate! Pictures also let you be the artist by choosing what memories to share and how you share them. New software programs let you crop photos, change colors and even erase blemishes so you share exactly what you want on them.

A creative way to showcase pictures is through a storybook layout. As you feature photos from your childhood through graduation day with personalized captions, loved ones are able to relive what you’ve experienced to get to this important day. It’s a memorable way to announce your accomplishments and liven up your photo graduation announcements.

Lively Layouts

Pictures may say a thousand words, but the layouts scream style. Choose from different shapes, cutouts, photo arrangements and personalized messages to make a graduation invitation that’s completely fresh and new. Different from mass-produced cards, personalized graduation announcements allow you to be the designer, which means no two cards are exactly alike. From postcards and folded layouts to pocket-style and flat layouts, there are plenty of options to choose from. Your announcements will be memorable from the moment family and friends open the envelope.

Give Me Color

You’ve added your own pictures and selected a one-of-a-kind layout, so what else is left to make your graduation announcements completely unique? Throw in a splash of color and you’re set. A trendy combination of aqua and lime green may best suit your fresh personality. Or maybe navy and white stripes better matches your classic style. Still not satisfied? You can be extremely expressive through bursts of pink, orange and grey. The options are endless.

And to add to the number of possibilities, specific designs or patterns can be used to make them even more style-filled. Go with a damask print to show your trendy side. Use white polka dots and scallops to go chic. Let your natural flare show with a wood grain pattern. Any pattern or design can set the tone of your graduation announcements and show off your personal style.

It’s clear that today’s graduation invitations have evolved from the ho-hum layout from years past. When you add favorite pictures, personalized messages, unique layouts, bright colors and fun patterns, you create graduation announcements that express exactly who you are. After all, graduation day is all about you!

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