Halloween Scrapbook Page Ideas

Halloween scrapbook page ideas, the possibilities are endless! Colorful costumes, too much candy, spooky or funny little costumes are all possible topics or themes for pages. This is going to be easy, fun and provide memories to last a lifetime.

Although I must admit that I am usually the boring mom with just a witches hat on for the Halloween festivities, I take great pleasure in helping my kids be someone (or something) else for one day. And I love to take pictures. Here are some Halloween scrapbook page ideas to get you started:

Of course, the pumpkin patch pictures. We have a very nice little pumpkin patch that we go to every year and I take a lot of pictures. Little girls or boys always try to get a pumpkin that is too big and heavy for them to carry. And, before we know it, we will be looking at pictures of our big, grown up kids holding the same size pumpkin with one hand!

Pumpkin decorating and the final results with each child proudly holding their creation.

Before, during and after costume pictures. You could create a page or two that documents the process of getting the costume on and how they look all dressed up and ready to go! My favorite part of this process is the “after” picture of the sleeping little pirate or princess. The makeup and hair are not the same and it is so adorable!

Your child surrounded by his goodies before you put them up and before they realize that they are not going to get to sit and eat it all.

I hope these Halloween scrapbook page ideas are helpful. Remember, scrapbooks are for memories, not just pictures.

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