Taking Care of Outdoor Solar Lights

As far as landscape lighting fixtures go, solar lights are some of the easiest to install and also the easiest to take care of. However, if you want your lights to last for the longest possible time, there are still some things that you should do to take care of them. If you don’t, your lights will not last as long and end up losing all their power before the night is over.

Make Sure They Get A Full Charge Each Day

One of the biggest reasons that outdoor solar lights end up not lasting for a long time is that they don’t get a full charge each day. The battery begins to wear out much quicker if it isn’t always fully recharged. The weaker battery will then only stay lit for part of the night. If you want your solar lights to last for the longest possible time, make sure that they get at least eight to twelve hours of direct sunlight every day, regardless of the season.

Take Care of Them During the Winter

If you live in an area that is prone to lots of snowfall and you have ground-mounted solar lights, you may want to consider bringing them inside during the winter months. When the snow falls, it can cover the lights, which not only keeps the battery from charging, but can also break the lights. If the snow doesn’t break the light fixture, you might if you or someone in your family accidentally steps on it because they can’t see it under the snow!

Keep the Lights Clean

Finally, another great way to keep your solar lights not only working well, but also looking their best is to clean them once or twice a year. Dirt, dust, and even bugs can get trapped inside your lights, which dim the light that comes out. It also can cover the solar panel, which will make it much less efficient. Simply by taking a wet rag to the solar panel and the housing of your lights in the spring and the fall, you can keep your lights looking and shining like the day you bought them.

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