Select Cable Tray Material And Finish For Your Industrial Purpose

Many of us get tired of finding a reliable solution for organizing and managing the entire wiring system but couldn’t find anything. However, cable trays are used in the industries since an age till now because they are one of the best organizers of wires in the history of wiring system. They are reliable, cost-efficient and safe for the man and the machines. The product is highly fabricated with the corrosion-resistant material for better performance and of course durability. The choice of material influence the durability and reliability of the material greatly. You can depend on the material and installation of the type that suits your requirements.

Different Types Of Materials And Finishes For Cable Trays:-

  • Aluminum – Considering the material gives you lightweight solution to manage heavy-duty wires flawlessly. The high-strength to weight ratio aluminum fabricated products provides great performance, high resistance to corrosion and is super easy to install. The material is also maintenance free and super benefit of aluminum is; it is a non-magnetic metal which helps to reduce the electric losses to a great extent. The unusual resistance to corrosion including weather tolerance makes it a good choice for outdoor application.
  • Stainless Steel – The cable trays fabricated with the stainless steel offer high yield strength at extremely high temperatures. The material has superior resistance to organic chemicals, dyestuff, and non organic chemicals at a great temperature. Balanced with the high amount of nickel, chromium and reduced level of carbon offers great deterioration benefits and facilities welding. It also forbids the process of corrosion especially to chloride and sulfuric acids. The high strength of steel and creep resistance make it together a perfect material for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized – The steel cable trays are immersed in the molten zinc which results well-coated edges, holes and welds in the hot dip galvanized material. The step is implemented after the manufacturing and assembling of steel made trays to give them high strength and make them fit for outdoor applications. The product is capable of tolerating the harsh industrial environmental applications and various weather conditions.
  • Pre-Galvanized – Also known as mill-galvanized or hot dip mill-galvanized, the steel fabricated coils are passed through the molten zinc and then slit to size and fabricate. It is cost-effective solution and also protects against the variety of environmental stresses. The cuts, welds and some other areas are left bare during coating and are protected with the neighboring zinc that works like anode. The coating saves the product from corrosion and harshness of the environment.
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