The Golden Ratio and Feng Shui Help to Harmonize Homes

The Golden Ratio and Feng Shui Help to Harmonize Homes

In this article, we will explain the golden section (ratio, mean), and describe its use in conjunction with feng shui to improve homes and apartments.

One of the most ardent fans of the golden ratio was Pythagoras – an ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, scientist, and mystic, who lived in Greece in the VI century BC. Pythagoras was convinced that there is harmony in nature, which can be expressed through numbers and proportions. He was also convinced that these proportions can be used in home design and architecture. Using his theory of proportion, you can “move” the energy in the house from where it serves poorly to where it will start serving favorably.

Pythagoras declared certain proportional relationships, which he considered ideal. He called it the Golden mean/ratio/rectangle. This value is 1:1.618. This value is found everywhere in nature. One example can be a shell, where each part is identical to the other parts by form. Although these parts differ in size, they have the same proportions.

The golden ratio can also be found in the human body. The famous drawing by Leonardo da Vinci – the Vitruvian Man – relates the proportions of the human body with various geometric figures, and is a good example of the described ratio.

The Golden section is a tool that is available to everyone, and that can be used in your home to improve its influence on those who live there. To define this number for any room, do as follows: measure the width of the room and multiply it by 1.618. Thus, you will get the desired length for this area. For example, if the width of the room is 20 feet, multiply 20 by 1.618 and you will get 32.36 feet for the desired length of this room. There’s no need to follow the resulting number to the inch – it will suffice if you follow it approximately.

The principle of the golden mean can be used in one-room studio apartments that consist of one large room with a kitchen, office, and bedroom, all in one room. Feng-shui of such apartments is usually very poor. However, if you own a studio apartment, do not despair! Just follow the basic principles of space organization, make the necessary adjustments, and you will be able to improve everything. The studio can be divided into several golden rectangles, so that each part is proportional.

If it’s a long and narrow space, you can use flowers and furniture as a room divider. If you don’t want to divide the room this way, you can use items that correspond to the golden proportion by their dimensions, such as mirrors, paintings, coffee tables, or aquariums. You can use the same rules for garden landscape design. The golden ratio and feng shui can help to improve any home, garden, office, as well as any other area.

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