Black Hat Feng Shui

Black Hat Feng Shui, or also known as Black Hat Tibetan Feng Shui, is one of the two most popular schools in the United States founded by Professor Thomas Lin Yun. Professor Lin Yun developed this method for westerners because of its easy use. One clear distinction between the Compass School and Black Hat School is the use of a luo pan or a Chinese compass.

In Black Hat Feng Shui, they do not use the luo pan to interpret magnetic readings or determine the appropriate position of a building or a home. Instead, they use the front door as the focal point of reference. The recommendations of the master are entirely dependent on the space of the home or the office. Every space is examined depending where the various Life Values exist within the space which is also determined by where the front door is situated.

The 8 trigrams of the bagua are each assigned with a certain life value. The East section represents health and well-being, the South is for fame, the Southeast for wealth, the West for children and pets, the Southwest is for marriage and relationships, the Northwest for significant people, the North for career and reputation, and finally the Northeast for knowledge and wisdom.

It also uses specific items such as mirrors, flutes, and crystals. Unlike Compass School, it is very easy to use and has an established set of rules and strong discipline that are simple to follow. It efficiently addresses health problems, as well as issues that may arise, involving finances, career, family, reputation, and relationships.

Guidebooks are readily available in bookstores and are typically quite comprehensive. Most beginners, who are interested in learning the art of feng shui, use these books since they are self-explanatory. One need not enroll in a major school to learn the art itself; with these books you will easily get a good grasp of the principles used in this ancient art.

Learning black hat feng shui is even available online. All it takes is some time and research to understand the basic principles which have fascinated millions of people all over the globe.

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