Tips For Decorating With a Floral Pattern

It may be a little intimidating to try decorating your home with a floral pattern, but it can be done and look fabulous. If you are unsure about flower patterns, you can always start with a subtle one but if you really want to go all out try a bolder floral pattern that will really attract some attention.

Before you start decorating with any type of floral pattern in your home, read the tips below to get the most style out of your home.

Use the Floral Pattern to Construct the Color Scheme for the Room

When you choose a pattern to decorate with, you have an instant color scheme for the room. Take the color of the background on your flower pattern and make that the color of the walls. If you have a bold floral print, then you can go a different route and use one of the accent colors in the print for the wall color.

When you choose the floral pattern for a room, there are numerous color schemes that you can choose from and best of all they are right in front of you. All you have to do is play around with the colors a little bit.

Balance the Floral Pattern with Plain Colored Items

When decorating with a floral pattern you need to make sure that you balance the pattern out in the room. If you have a floral print on your sofa, look for plain colored pillows to balance the print out.

Try to achieve a balance that works for the room and your taste. Some people may find that they like more print while others may choose to just have small touches of the print in the room. Be especially sure that you follow this tip if you are working with a bold floral pattern. Less is more.

Mix the Floral Print with Other Patterns

Despite what you may think, floral prints can be mixed with other patterns in a room. The key is to have colors that accent each other and are in the same shades. For example, a floral print would look great with a plaid or gingham print in a country-style room. You can even pair floral with stripes as well.

Don’t feel that you are strictly limited to just flowers when it comes to prints in your home, but do make sure that the prints go together well for the style of the room.

Artwork is an Easy Way to Add a Floral Pattern into a Room

One of the easiest ways to add a floral pattern to any room is by hanging artwork on the walls. A collection of flowers portraits or pictures is a terrific way to decorate a large empty wall. You can also choose just one large floral piece for the wall as a focal piece. Choose frames and mats for the artwork that match the style you are striving to achieve in the room.

Decorating your home with floral patterns doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to do. Remember these tips and get creative and you can have a wonderful, bright room that is in full bloom.

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