Home Improvement Ideas For Older Adults

If you are assigned to get a home in order for an older frail senior adult, then you need to think very carefully about their needs. Perhaps, this goes without saying, but so few care giving relatives understand or actually do it. Someone who cares for an older adult every day knows their needs but a still-working relative may not understand all their needs. Doing simple home improvements can make their life so much easier, not doing them can make their life a living hell.

They can become frustrated, upset, depressed, and even suicidal. Not only that but one major slip and fall could cause serious injury or death. A broken hip could mean that their quality of life ends in an instant. There are so many considerations, and obvious things not to do such as don’t polish the floor where it becomes slippery when something spills on it or do not put the dog or cat bowls on the floor in the middle of a walkway. It’s easy to get nonstick flooring or make an area set aside in the corner for the pets to eat.

If you are really serious about home improvements for an older senior adult, why not consider stair lighting on each step or light switches at the top and bottom of the steps. How about setting the water heater down a couple of notches, you’ll save them energy too. Installing flashlights that charge on the light sockets in every room is wise. Putting a telephone in the kitchen can help too. Installing a peep hole in the door if one does not exist makes perfect sense.

Why not make a list right now of the various things you can do from installing a seat in the shower to handrails in the bathrooms and extra rails on step downs or stairs in the house. Even repairing warn out carpet areas can prevent tripping or a bad fall. Most serious falls for seniors happen in and around the home, and so it’s your job to make improvements that shore up these risks. Please be thinking here.

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