Creating a Gorgeous Website Home Page

Time and tide wait for none. This is applicable each and every aspect of life and business. This element becomes very crucial for the performance of a website, especially in the making of gorgeous website home page. A website just has maximum few seconds to make an impact on the visitor, who is either attracted or indifferent.

The home page is the face of the website and very vital for the effectiveness of the website. This is the first page that the visitor approach. Is the home page attractive? It is successful at gluing the visitor to the website? Can it be downloaded quickly? Is the navigation easy? Is the visitor able to quickly and easily find what he/she needs? These are the questions that need to be addressed for the making of a good home page.

The objective of the search engine optimization strategy is achieved once the visitor clicks and enters the website. From there on; it is the responsibility of the web page content and overall website content to convert this visitor into a buyer.

The final page that fulfills the needs of the visitor should be accessible within 8-10 seconds from the time the visitor logs in the website. The duration of downloading should be minimized. The number of levels and clicks between the home page and the final page should also be minimized. A slight delay in this can put off the sale and can inflict heavily on the efficiency of the website.

The layout of the home page should be attractive and simple to understand. The visitor should be comfortable and navigating through the website. The layout should be such that the website is remembered by the visitor for long.

The professional web designer needs to strike a balance between the text content and the visual content, especially for the home page. The visual content appeals to the buyer while the text content not only provides information for and convinces the visitor but also considered important for ranking on the lists of the search engines.

Splash pages can make a big difference for the efficiency of the webpage. Splash pages have a direct link to enter the website. This facilitates the user with least effort because only relevant text matter is exhibited and the details are on the other pages of the website. It is better to seek the guidance from a professional web designer about the advantages and disadvantages of using the splash pages before using them (splash pages).

The home page should not only be attractive but also provide links to navigate and reach what the visitor is looking for.

In a nut shell, it can be said that a gorgeous home page design is the door to a successful website.

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