Tab Top Curtains – Window Treatment Made Easy

Trends in Tab Top curtains:

You can get tab top curtains in any color from pretty blue to lively orange. If you do not find any color, you can simply create them. While selecting the color, it is worth to make sure whether it suits your personality and home décor. Tab top curtains come in different fabrics and textures as well. You can go for lighter fabric, if you want to avoid more maintenance work. Lightweight fabric works well for this type of curtain. However, heavier fabric can also be selected. Nevertheless, you need to use more tabs to hang them properly.

You can double-up the tab curtains on the hanging rods. If you want to do so, then you can use a sheer curtain. You can either push the tab top curtains to some extent or can use the side ties.

Tab top curtain is an appealing window treatment. You can hang a number of panels, which can separate the window to create a dazzling contrast of light. You can give a classical look to your home by using the logon curtains tab top draperies. Using a pure curtain not only helps to enhance the charm, but also allows you to maintain your privacy without sacrificing the light.

If you do not find the desired color of tab top curtain or you want to make it on your own, you can then use your creativity to make a gorgeous curtain. You can make experiment with several types of tabs. You can decorate the tabs with buttons, flowers, beads and pins, if you buy this style of drapery. Using different color tabs can create a visual interest. You can use different shapes like round end or pointed for external tabs.

Tab top curtains require you to pay adequate attention in order to embellish the windows beautifully. You have to focus on the curtains and the drapery rod. The hanging rod plays a significant role, as the tabs can create space between one another. You can even go for faux finishes instead of wrought-iron. Faux finishes are readily available in the market and they are lightweight and elegant. They are available in affordable price ranges.

It is possible to create imaginative drapery rods from the materials available in home improvement store. You can select the curved fittings and can create a marvelous drapery rod within few hours. If you do not like the colors available in the store, you can then make use of a spray paint, which helps to create an adorable hanging rod.

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