Selecting Window Treatments For New Vinyl Windows

There are several different types of window treatments that can be used over new vinyl windows in Virginia. The amount of light and radiant heat energy from the sun is lower than regular windows, so the room will not heat up as rapidly. It does not get nearly as warm in the summer months, making window treatments more about visual appeal and privacy than comfort and utility. Window treatments in Virginia accent vinyl windows in a number of ways. They can be used as a single feature, or in combination to fill multiple roles.


Perhaps the most classic of all window treatments is the curtain. With patterns and lengths changing over the years, the curtain itself never really goes out of style. For vinyl windows, a lightweight fabric is all that is needed. To allow more sunlight into the room, use a short panel curtain on the lower half of the vinyl windows with a valance hanging at the top. For more privacy, use a longer curtain hung from the top. Use tiebacks to hold them open during the daytime. Draw them closed at night for privacy.


For an elegant look, use long draperies extending from the top of the vinyl windows down to the floor. A heavier fabric may be used to coordinate with the furniture, but liners are not necessary. Fading of carpeting and furniture is less dramatic, due to the reduction of ultraviolet (UV) ray penetration. For a lighter, brighter look, use sheers under a cotton or woven drapery. This will allow some privacy from neighbors and passersby. To help draperies hang better without liners, use weights inside the bottom seam or attach a heavy strip of fabric across the drapery bottom.


Roman shades of old were one way to block the sun’s radiant heat from penetrating a room, especially in Virginia. They are now more fashionable than ever, but are more popular in light cotton fabrics, wide woven patterns and wood materials. They can stand alone in a casual atmosphere or hang under curtains or draperies for a more formal, layered look. For a less tailored accessory, use a gobbled shade or a reverse roll-up variety.


Horizontal and vertical blinds are old stand-bys in American décor. Adjustable to height, privacy and light, they are now used mostly for privacy or balancing the amount of sunshine that brightens the room. For economy sake, they are inexpensive to purchase, easy to install and require little maintenance for a very plain look.

Top Treatments

For added flair over half curtains or as a stand-alone feature over new vinyl windows, use a top treatment. Attach cornices for a formal, finished appearance. These can support valances or cover up the tops of shades and blinds. Use a jabot curtain hanging solo or add valances instead for a shorter top covering.


Depending on the budget, type of decor and amount of formality desired, window treatments on new vinyl windows in Virginia are simple to install. They enhance a room and eliminate privacy issues.

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