How to Enhance Room Decor With Sheer Curtains

Window treatments can make or mar the beauty of a room. For a pleasant, beautiful effect, sheer curtains are one of the coolest options. They are versatile pieces that offer privacy while also allowing natural light to come in. While earlier they had been used as traditional window coverings, nowadays they are showcased as unconventional room accents. Window sheers can be used equally well in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

The Effect of Sheer Curtains

Sheer fabric used on the windows can offer a casual, breezy, bright feel. When hung alone, they lend a light, airy effect. However, curtains that match the wall color look less dramatic than those in contrasting colors. You can use sheer along with heavier curtains or layer them underneath. In a layered style, the sheer remains closed and the heavier curtain is hung open at either side or tied back. You can also add a decorative window topper or valance to add elegance.

Points to Consider for Buying Sheer Curtains

The basic considerations while buying sheers are light and privacy. Made from see-through fabric, sheers do turn bright sunlight into a mild glow; however, san rays are not blocked out entirely. They are also not a good option if you want thermal insulation for your room. Although they provide some privacy, their see-through nature allows quite a view of the room from outside.

Types of Sheer Curtains

The fabric used to make sheers gathers without much effort. Typically, voile and lace are the preferred fabrics. Those who prefer a solid look for their room should opt for voile, while lace is good for imparting a conspicuously romantic look. You can even opt for the combination of the two. If traditional window treatment is what you like, you can opt for sheers in pinch-pleated panels and hang them with hooks. Conversely, rod-pocket panels provide an unconventional look to the windows.

Some popular shades include cream, ivory, winter white and eggshell. You can also choose to embellish them with embroidered patterns. If custom-made sheer curtains are what you like, you can contact an experienced custom drapery maker such as Half Price Drapes. With over 25,000 satisfied clients, Half Price Drapes is an expert manufacturer of window treatments in a variety of custom styles. Whatever your specific requirements, let us know at

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