A Furniture Removalist’s Observations on Buying a New Home

As a professional furniture removalist, we observe some great and some not-so-great arrangements that people make when buying a new home.

Similarly, if you’re getting ready to move, you’ve probably been contemplating on whether to do the local or interstate furniture removal yourself, or to hire a professional moving team instead. (If you are moving interstate, whether you need a professional or not, always remember that there is the option of interstate backload.) Nonetheless, the goal of this article is to help you resolve a particular issue may be facing – buying a new home, and it is our hope that you will find this informative and useful.

When purchasing a home, understand the gravity of that task. You will usually have to undergo a lot of trouble before you get a satisfactory deal. The common man doesn’t know where to begin the house hunt and from there, how to secure the house hunted. These tips are designed to make your house-buying journey a smooth one:

Know the Facts 

Prior to taking the plunge, learn the facts. They’re not kind, but in the real estate game, ignorance is often not bliss. Allot a good amount of time into finding your dream home. Be patient and keep your energy up because it is very often a stressful process.

Learn from Property Brokers

Property Brokers will be able to educate you on the ins and outs of properties. Make sure you don’t allow any particular broker to suck you in at the beginning of your search. Talk to 6 or more so that you can just shop around for the time being. Don’t finalize a sale until you are armed with knowledge to decipher the difference between a good or bad deal.

Read the Newspapers 

Newspapers always have real estate sale ads so look over the options. Then, telephone dealers from different areas so that you can get first-hand information about rates and available properties in a particular area.

Ask the Banks 

Shop around for banks for your loan needs. Negotiate on the following items:

o           Interest rate

o           Filing costs

o           Hidden charges

o           Down payment

o           Installments made on a monthly basis

o           Obligations

o           Penalties

Don’t forget to discuss and figure out what all those numbers will be because not knowing is very dangerous to both you and your wallet.

Bank Needs 

Don’t devote all of your savings to purchasing your property. Get a loan. Banks will validate the home prior authorizing the loan; it would be useful to get a safe property. After securing a loan with a bank, you’ll figure out how much you should spend to purchase your ideal home.

The Real Cost 

Get an actual assessment of the property by asking several property brokers as well as neighbors in the area. You’ll most likely obtain some useful information from these people.


Go into the bargaining table carrying a big packet of notes. You can use them to prove to the owner that the negatives are as bad as you say they are. Use your evidence to persuade the seller that the price is above and beyond appropriate. For instance, if you know the property value is $1 million, begin at $800,000 as the offer price and try your hardest to settle the price somewhere in between.

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