Feng Shui Techniques to Use in the Work Place or Home Office For Success

Whether you work outside the home or have a home based business, utilizing Feng Shui techniques can be very important and rewarding.

Use your personal KUA number to activate the sectors of your office or workspace. The two most important directions to concentrate on would be your Sheng Chi and Fu Wei directions. Depending upon the size of your workspace, this should be a fairly easy thing to do. If you work from a home office, also have your workspace arranged according to the Pakua for the layout of your house. The following are a few tips to help you with your workplace whether it be a home office or outside the home.

Arrange your desk to be facing the door if at all possible. If this is not possible, and your back is to the door, place a mirror on the wall or on your desk so that the door is visible. This mirror can be just a regular mirror, or an art piece with floral designs, etc. Just as long as you can see a reflection of the door. The reason for this is to prevent “backstabbing” from others.

Also try to sit facing your Sheng Chi direction as this direction governs your success and mentor luck. This should be done whether at work, or a meeting outside of your home / office. In your office, if sitting facing your Sheng Chi direction makes you have your back to the door, it is better to change the desk so that your back is not to the door.

If you have power struggles or office politics and feel you need protection from that, place a tiger or fu dogs right inside your office door. Placing a dragon in the eastern sector of your office is also good for protection and luck, as the dragon is all-powerful. Do not place a dragon on your desk if you are not a strong willed person.

If your job requires a great deal of concentration, hang a crystal in the window or set a crystal figurine on your desk as that will help you with creativity and concentration. If your job is stressful, try to place things that symbolize relaxation to you in your office. A live plant is great to bring yang energy into an office and can also be a very relaxing item. (If you have a home office and the office is in your bedroom, go with silk plants not real ones as the real ones could cause problems with your marital relationship.)

If at all possible, use aromatherapy to help in these areas as well. The work I do at home (accounting, web page development, and running my online store to name a few) can create a lot of stress and require a lot of creativity. I usually have either Lavender or Ylang Ylang aromas going in my office for the most part of the day while I am working because it really seems to keep my stress levels down and helps my creativity keep flowing! : ) Aromatherapy is something that you will see immediate results with and it is quite amazing to me!

In a home office, displaying prosperity items such as a wealth ship, lucky cat, money frogs, lucky bamboo, etc should help with the business finances. I have 3 coins tied together with a red thread attached to the first invoice from my online store on my bulletin board. You can also use these coins to tape on the front of your invoice ledger to your customers. If your business has a lot of phone work involved, tape a set of these coins under the phone to encourage the phone to ring and bring in more business. Placing the phone so that the back of the phone where the line is plugged in is in your Sheng Chi direction is also good for business.

Just a few words of wisdom as I close on this article: I personally feel that Feng Shui is not a miracle cure to make your business prosper or help you gain success at work. I believe you are the one ultimately responsible for those things. Practicing Feng Shui can hopefully make things come easier and more quickly – but the end result is that YOU make it happen. As you work during the day – if you have thoughts or ideas on how to promote your business or career – don’t just blow them off – write them down if you don’t have time to fully think about it at that time. Then later, go back and do some research on what you wrote down. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results you will get!

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