Feng Shui For Connecting Mindfully and Meaningfully

“Welcome Back” says the house as you return from your summer adventures. You stop short, surprised that your house can speak. Your house always speaks, but do you know how to listen? Feng shui can help you do so, thus revealing the most amazing secrets about the place you call home.

Your dialogue with your house begins as you look around and wonder, “does it feel welcoming”? The doormat is frayed and dirty, the light is full of bugs and spider webs. The paint is peeling off the door, and the bird bath is caked with mud. No place to sit and search for my keys! They are on the bottom of my bag. I’m on my knees. “Bad feng shui,” my bones complain. No bench! No stool! No support! What’s welcoming? Up-lifting? Embracing? I vow to mend and fix it all.

Your home, your castle, your sanctuary, it is your refuge and shelter. Let it speak and remind you what it means to come home and feel welcome. And feng shui is your tool for connecting mindfully and meaningfully to your space.

Reluctantly you enter, not knowing what to expect and what the house might say about the clutter behind the door or the dead plant in the foyer. Your mind is racing ahead to the dishes piled in the kitchen sink and the laundry heaped on the bedroom floor as you navigate through the shoes scattered along your path.

To have a dialogue with you house means to see and feel your space in new ways and thus create a relationship like you never had before. Feng shui opens your eyes to the wonders of the person place connection. It makes you realize that everything has meaning and reminds you of something that either happened in the past or needs to be done in the future. So now we better make sure that it is something positive that you look forward to doing or something pleasant that you like to remember. If negative feelings are conjured up by what you see and encounter, purge it, get rid of it, or immediately tackle and eliminate it.

Most desirable might be a direct connection to the present, something from nature to remind you of the season like a bouquet of spring flowers, or flowering mums in the fall. Seasonal decorations will definitely connect you to the world around you with current events and social activities. Sounds and fragrances are powerful connectors to what feels right, good or bad. So be diligent in picking what lifts your spirit for sustaining a positive ambiance.

Feng shui will definitely be your secret friend in knowing the proper place for your meaningful objects, thus helping you to steer toward your most wanted opportunity or attracting new venues. Perhaps it will open your mind to something you never saw or dreamt before. We need to point out of course that feng shui does not like dirt and grime. Let the world sparkle and glisten around you by keeping everything fresh and clean because even hidden dust balls will sooner or later speak up and create obstacles.

In case you yearn for a new relationship and a supportive friend, let it be your home as it speaks to you in glorious splendor with a big “thank you” for what you have created.

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