Travertine Floor Tiles For Your Home

Travertine is a popular stone that is used mostly for indoor tile and outdoor walkways and patios. Back in the day of the Romans buildings such as the Colosseum and other famous structures where built with travertine.

It can be used in almost any room in the house when completed and sealed it is very durable. One of the most popular rooms in the house to use travertine tile is in the kitchen. Travertine comes in a certain number of light colors such as beige and browns unlike other flooring such as granite or a marble. Travertine tile has a surface that does not get as slippery as conventional tiles do this makes them a good choice for bathroom flooring or outdoor walkways where water can become a danger.It is not recommended for kitchen counters due to the fact acidic substances can end up eating away at the travertine, for counter tops it is recommended that you use a material such as marble.

With a little patients travertine tile can be installed by a DIYer with the ambition to take on the project. This can save you big time compared to hiring a professional. Installation starts with a thin layer of mortar applied to the floor with a trowel. The tiles are then set into place. When the mortar has dried you can then grout the seams. When choosing your grout make sure it will compliment the room to your liking. After everything is complete and dried a coat of good sealer can then be applied to the floor. Travertine is prone to staining due to the fact it is porous so a good quality sealer is important, make sure you by a sealer that is that is approved for travertine.

Travertine tiles when properly installed and cared for can give you many years of service

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