Weekend Woodworking Plans for the Beginning Woodworker – Could You Benefit From This?

With carpentry being a great hobby and pastime of mine, there are times when I want to use the weekend to build a simple woodworking project that isn’t going to drag on for days on end.

A project that has an easy to follow plan, simple carpentry methods and great informative advice about finishing has to be the key for any successful weekend woodworking project.

Enjoying Carpentry and finishing a project when I get such an opportunity is both very therapeutic and very rewarding indeed.

I have spent many a weekend building things from wood and having an understanding wife has also been a great bonus too! On many weekends, I have managed to teach myself various finishing techniques and methods, which has given me the confidence to progress further into other areas of woodworking. I think that the most beneficial advantage that I have gained from weekend woodworking is learning from my mistakes which overall, hasn’t been that daunting either.

When it comes to finishing a weekend woodworking project, I have found that there are just too many finishing products to choose, from the shelves of the DIY stores, so therefore, I have narrowed it down to purchasing just one particular manufacturer’s products. That way, I don’t spend hours of wasted time walking up and down the isles of the DIY stores, comparing one finishing product to another.

So for me, I have made it a rule of thumb to find easy to follow woodworking plans and a suitable finishing product to enable me to build and complete a successful woodworking project in just a couple of days. A good woodworking plan in my opinion should have either full size cutting templates or good cutting diagrams, a full timber and materials cutting list, good information about the hardware you should be using and finally great detail to how you should finish the project too.

Having spent hours upon hours surfing the internet for good woodworking plans, although there are plenty of resources out there, I have discovered some great woodworking plan material that has catered for all of my woodworking needs. It’s not just the woodworking plans that have attracted my attention, but the bonus materials that have been included, such as the numerous free ebooks, the free design software and some having very informative free video tutorials too.

Surfing the net has been both time-consuming and frustrating to us at the very best of times. There is so much information out there, some good and some not so good, however, every so often we may just be fortunate enough in striking gold on the information that we are looking for.

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