Why Not Using Feng Shui in the Home to Live Your Life Happily and Comfortably? Part 2

The Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing was spectacular! I was so impressed. The ceremony showed us many different parts of beautiful Chinese culture. Let’s learn amazing Chinese culture by using Feng Shui in the home, and improve your life style today!

So, let’s see what you can do. Don’t make too many changes at once. You should try it and watch for results.

  • Stand by your front and back doors and your major windows. If you see large structure or object pointing towards your home, that would become poison arrows (example: a long straight road coming toward to your front door). You could place an eight-sided mirror over the front door, facing outwards. Don’t ever put eight-sided mirror inside your home.
  • Chi goes through your front door. Make sure no obstructions around your front door.
  • Make sure which Aspiration listed that you wish to improve. For instance, you choose the prosperity sector which is in the South/East. Element associated with the South/East is wood. You should place wood (example: growing plants) in the sector to stimulate it. (Also you should energize that corner with the element water to help produce wood.) You should not try to energize too many sectors at the same time.
  • Check your kitchen. Make sure that your stove (fire) is not directly facing or confronting your sink or fridge (water). You should relocate it if it does. Check the direction of door of your stove to see that it faces in one of your best directions.
  • Check the dining room. Try to make sure that any mirrors in these rooms reflect the food on your table to double your prosperity. Place your eating direction or dining room seating to your best direction.
  • Check your bedroom. Make sure you can’t see yourself from any mirrors when you are sitting in your bed. If so, either angle the mirrors away from the bed, cover them up, or move them. Ensure that nothing is hung above your bed (examples: overhead built-in cupboards, hefty pictures, etc.). Make sure that the head of the bed is not located under a window, and it has a sold support behind it.
  • Place your bed head to best direction. If you have health problems, you should place the head of the bed in your health direction. By the way, most likely both partners (if you have a partner) sharing the same bed would not have the same health directions. Then, the rule is that for them, the woman health direction takes precedence.
  • Check the location of your bathrooms. Bathrooms are the areas where water exists. If a toilet in your South-West sector will impact on your relationships. Bathrooms flush water out of your home, and this tends to carry with it the beneficial Chi energy. If your bathrooms fall in a sector that is important to you, then keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat down. Or cover the bathroom door with a full-length mirror to make the room disappear.
  • Place your working direction. Make sure that your working position does not leave your back to the door of your office. The most important thing is the door to your office where you can see it.

Good luck!

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