The Pioneer Of Crafting With Cricut

Once again back in action we see, Provo Craft technology, the pioneer of crafting with over 40 years of professional experience bringing us the Cricut cartridge lyrical letters. To inspire our creativity we have 7 fonts: Jack Sprat, Jumbo, Italic, Capital, Connected, Loop dee loo, and Monoline creative features. Designed by Cecelia Harris, who is well known for her ability to create beautiful, unique fonts, this cartridge goes from a whimsical fun font to an elegant scrip font that is an easy way to add a truly personal touch to multiple projects.

Did you just get your Cricut and you are not sure which cartridge is right for you? With several hundred cartridges available this can be a tedious task. We are very pleased to highly recommend the Cricut cartridge lyrical letters. Not only are there 7 new fonts, but you will also find numerous shapes, images, and tags. Plus over 30 phrases: You’re on my mind; Peace & Comfort to you; My thoughts are with you; Birthday Blessings; Just saying hi; Thinking of You; Love You; You did it!; Happy Holidays; and many, many more you can make thousands of combinations.

When you simply install this one single cartridge, with the keyboard overlay, select your desired image, and with the touch of a button you are ready to cut. From the Cricut cartridge lyrical letters you can cut images from1′ to 5 1/2″ with the Original Cricut and Cricut Create or up to 23 1/2″ with the Cricut Expression and Cricut Imagine. In no time at all you will be an expert at making custom scrapbooks, handmade greeting cards, terrific gifts, or any other projects you create.

Looking for more ideas can be fun. Just type the word Cricut online and you will find over 7 million sites with forums, tricks, tips, ideas, and layouts. Since the Cricut cartridge lyrical letters has the ability to work on any Cricut, whichever one you purchased will work perfectly, to cut out designs for home d├ęcor, paper crafting, and scrapbooking from a variety of materials. You can cut lightweight vellum, regular paper, heavier card stock, vinyl, some chipboard, window cling material, soft plastic, thin magnets, poster boards, and fabric. There is even a Cricut for Cake frostings.

If you are upgrading to the Cricut Expression or Cricut Imagine read your new instruction and idea book, insert the Cricut cartridge lyrical letters simply press the on button and you are ready to begin creating. The cutting blade is guided by an electronic cutting process, plugs into any outlet, and is portable. Take it with you anywhere, to classrooms, craft groups, sewing circles, friends and family scrapbook times, or to any activity that would be fun.

You will be a pioneer of crafting as you make all your unique custom creations. Your Cricut cartridge lyrical letters brings the power of technology to you to make crafting far easier and a far more fun.

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