Pinch Pleated Drapes Add Elegance to Your Home

Pinch pleated drapes are drapes that have a pucker at the top every six inches. This is the perfect place to put drapery hooks for hanging because the pucker hides any sign of the hook. They are made in a number of different styles yet all of them offer a contemporary look. Some of the materials used in their construction are velvet, silk and linen or they can be embroidered, thermal, blackout or made from the designer fabric Waverly. For a Victorian look you can layer pinch pleated drapes with sheer curtains. This will allow light to filter through while blocking the view of anyone outside.

Window treatments are meant to not only obscure the view of others from the outside of your home or office but can also help you conserve energy. Thermal drapes at one time were rubber backed. This prevented your windows leaking and allowing breezes in or out of your home. Today’s thermal drapes are made in such a way that they save money on utility bills. Many of these are lined so you have a double layer of fabric that breezes must penetrate before affecting the ambient temperature in your home. These are not as modern as one might think. They have long been used to help insulate homes.

Pinch pleated drapes provide you home with a modern elegance that can be used with any décor. They are very popular in the living room as well as in bedrooms. You can also use them to cover a patio door. Many times patio doors allow outside temperatures to interfere with ambient temperatures. The ideas of using pinch pleated drapes for patio doors is to obscure other’s vision from the outside as well as insulate your home from the outdoors. There are a huge amount of choices and options when choosing these for a replacement for other types of curtains.

The best features of pinch pleated drapes are that they are a blackout style of drape. This means they actually block 99{74755d553577f4b6a67c31abdd5acf6d2003392b8684840fa8d5e29ee9555d89} of the day’s sunlight preventing your home from being heated by this light during the summer. If you want this to help heat your home in the winter, simply open the drapes to let the light in. You can also use these for a layering effect like with Victorian style drapes. Place a sheer under the pleated drapes and pull them open to allow soft light to filter through the sheers. They are made from a variety of materials such as silk, polyester, linen and lace so there is a drape to fit any décor.

Prices of window treatments will vary according to the size you choose, the options that are available and that you choose as well as the materials they are made from. Since they come in different lengths as well as widths, make sure to write down the measurements of your windows and keep a budget in mind so you can take them to your local retailers and get the size you need at a price you can afford.

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