Keeping The Costs Down On Your Kitchen Renovation

The modern day kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in our home. It used to be a place where just cooking took place, but now it’s a very social place. Now that we spend so much time in the kitchen, it’s become a huge factor when we’re buying or selling a home. Renovating your kitchen will really help the value of your home, but it’s definitely an expensive project. This guide will share some ways to renovate if you’re on a budget!

There are many things that buyers first notice in the kitchen. In order to create the most appeal, new floors and new appliances, renovated cabinets and a modern backsplash are some of the key factors to update. They’ll really improve your re-sale value.

Before actually starting your work, there are several things to layout there. Everyone enjoys a bright kitchen, so use the sun towards your advantage. If it doesn’t get any light, then always paint it light and make it bright. This helps to keep it feeling larger.

If you plan on gutting or adding on space to your kitchen, figure out how you’re going to use all the space. Don’t waste any space! You may even be able to do some of the work on your own, which would save a lot of money. If you’re handy, consider doing certain things such as installations or refacing cabinets.

Planning is probably the biggest area in which you can save money. One of the biggest parts of planning are based on your pipes and plumbing. It can cost $2,000 just to move your sink, so plan around your existing gas, plumbing and drainage.

Viking, Subzero and Miele are very well-known brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. These options get very pricey, but the good news is that there are so many other quality brands out there that make great stainless steel products. Shop around and you’ll find them! Even the experts won’t be able to tell the difference with some of the new options available.

One of the best parts about cabinets is that we can easily change their look without having to purchase new ones. In order to keep the costs down, refacing or even refinishing your old wooden cabinets will keep a lot of money in your pockets. They can look as good as new if done right.

Granite and Corian are the two most popular materials used for kitchen counter tops. They look expensive and they are very expensive. This is one area I don’t recommend cutting corners, but there’s still a way to save. The backsplash doesn’t need to be these expensive materials. Use less expensive tiles for the backsplash and you’ll save almost 30{74755d553577f4b6a67c31abdd5acf6d2003392b8684840fa8d5e29ee9555d89}.

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