The Dirt On House Plan Styles

When selecting the perfect home plan for your house, keep in mind that most house plans are styled differently to reflect the community and personality of the owner. New styles abound every day as designers continue to come up with new ideas for modern homes. Some house plan styles fall along classic lines, whereas others take a unique twist on old themes. You’ve probably walked by a least a dozen homes in your life that were designed specifically for the owners living within.

There are dozens of different house plan styles to select from. Here is just a sampling of the various home plans currently available:

Split Bedroom – This house plan usually resembles a ranch style. Most are up to 2800 square feet and use floor space efficiently so you don’t need much of any hall space in the home. A split home usually provides two separate bedroom areas, usually on opposite ends of the home.

Country – Country homes usually have vast exteriors, large front or back porches and open interiors. A country home also features a large kitchen and family area.

Cottage – A cottage home plan much like a country home plan often features a large porch and tall windows. A cottage style home may be smaller than a traditional country home.

Adobe – An adobe homeplan is similar to a southwestern style, often with stucco coverings and smooth walls.

Duplex house plans – A duplex home plan is nothing more than a multi family style home. Duplex homes come in various styles with various outside framing including wood or stucco.

Don’t forget there are dozes more house plans than the few listed above. Other houseplans not mentioned above may include: luxury home plans, modular home plans, small house plans, beach house plans and even log house plans. When it comes to your home, the choices are endless.

The style plan you select will depend largely on your preferences. You might think about scanning your neighborhood to see what the dominant styles are of people living around you. While it is not a requirement that you buy and build a home in the same style as your neighbors, many people opt for something similar as it may help in the future if you ever decide to sell. The most important thing to remember is your house should provide you with a sense of comfort, quiet and joy. If you take your time selecting the right home plan, you should accomplish this task easily.

Tips for Selecting The Right Home Plan

Sometimes the vast array of choices makes selecting the right house plan overwhelming. Fortunately there are a couple of steps you can take to help speed the process of selecting a plan. First, you should sit down and decide what features are most important to you in your home. This includes the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you need, whether you need a family room, large kitchen and how formal you want your home to look. You should also consider how large a garage you’ll need and the total square footage you can afford. All of these elements will help you select the right house plan.

Let’s say for example, you want a large, roomy home with an open floor plan, large kitchen and bay windows to overlook the shore. A country or beach home plan will likely accommodate your needs better than a bungalow house plan. You can also narrow your selection by looking for housplans with certain features, such as a detached garage or a house plan that provides for side parking. A ranch house plan will look best on a large plot, whereas a taller house plan may suit a lot that is uneven or tilted.

Always take your time when selecting the right house plan. Once your home is built, you’ll probably live there for some time. Occasionally you may be able to make a few minor changes to a house plan to help make it more suitable to your needs. If this is the case be sure to check with your designer first. Some changes are quite pricey. By and large, with the wealth of selections available today, you should be able to find a plan that accommodates most if not all of your personal preferences.

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