The Impact of Roads in Feng Shui

Thousands of years ago when Feng Shui was first practised, ancient Feng Shui masters looked for flowing water when identifying the optimum place to site a home. Rivers and streams were known as the veins of the earth which carried positive chi. Today in our more urban environments roads and pathways in addition to water are the main carriers of chi and Feng Shui masters now look at the roadways surrounding your home to check that these are beneficial to your home.

As far as roads are concerned the ideal site for a home is one where the road curves around the property, giving the impression of embracing the house. This allows chi to flow naturally and harmoniously around your environment. Roads, being manmade have a tendency to support yang energy and so to support balancing yin energy the road should curve gently towards the house being neither too straight, nor too wide. Unfortunately we have very little control over how our town planners have designed the roads in our locality and so you will be pleased and reassured to know that there are few problems with roads that cannot be overcome simply and quickly. Below I have highlighted the most common problems experienced with roads and share with you some very simple tips to harmonize the energy in your immediate environment if you have roads around your property that are not conducive to positive chi.

Roads that are too straight.

Roads that are too straight cause energy to move too fast and pass by the house completely. If your home is on a very straight road, especially if your home is situated in the middle of a straight stretch of road you will need to slow the energy down to encourage it to flow in to your property. One of the best ways to slow chi down is to grow natural plants at the front of your property. If you have the space for a large garden this can be as simple as ensuring that your garden is filled with large plants, if you do not have the space then hanging baskets or tubs filled with plants can work just as well. As the energy is moving fast in this type of environment you will need to promote a sense of calm, so evergreen plants with pale flowers will work best.

Busy roads

Busy roads are filled with yang energy which can be disruptive to the flow of balanced, positive chi. If your home is sited on a very busy road then you will need to slow the energy down. Again an abundance of evergreen plants, or plants with pale flowers should be planted at the front of your property. If you have no outside space then filling the windows that face the road with plants will work just as well.

A road that bends away from your home

If the road bends away from your home, and especially if it turns sharply then chi can enter your home in sharp uneven bursts. This can lead the occupants to live very disruptive lives often with severe highs and lows. If this is like your home you will need to create a barrier at the point where the road starts to bend away from your property to stop the chi from entering your home too quickly. To encourage harmonious chi to enter you should hang a windchime at the front of your home either by the gate or the door. When hanging a windchime outside the entrance to your home you should take account of the direction your home faces. If it faces east or south then you should hang a windchime made out of wood, for properties that face west or north a metal windchime should be used.

A home facing a T junction

If your home faces a T junction then energy can rush towards your home too fast. This means that if nothing is done to counteract this your home can have too much yang energy causing an imbalance. A home that is filled with too much yang energy can lead to disharmony in the house causing conflict and arguments. To prevent this you need to create some sort of low barrier at the front of your home, a low hedge or fence is best. It is important that the barrier does not stop chi from entering completely so it should either be built no more than shoulder height or have a small gap.

A secondary problem with a house that is facing a T junction is that T junctions can cause poison arrows. Poison arrows are sharp corners that point towards your home and in this case are caused by the street corners. To disguise any poison arrows that are pointing at your home plant a tall tree or bush directly in the sight line of the arrow. If this is not possible then hanging a small mirror on the outside of your home pointing at the corner will have the effect of deflecting any negative chi.

A home at the end of a cul de sac

Chi can collect at the end of a cul de sac causing it to stagnate. A home that is at the end of a cul de sac will often not benefit from positive chi flowing in to the home. If your house is at the end of a cul de sac you need to find a way of keeping the chi moving. The best way of doing this is to add moving objects either to the front of your house or your front garden. Windchimes, whirligigs and flags are all beneficial additions to the front of your home. Alternatively moving water can also be an excellent enhancement so a small water feature at the front of your property will also be very beneficial.

No Road

Some houses, especially rows of terraces or cottages are not built on a road but are built away from the road down a small track or pathway. If this is the case then it is very important that you stimulate chi at the front of your home in order to attract it in to your home. This can be done by adding brightly coloured plants and flowers to the entranceway and by adding moving objects such as windchimes and whirligigs.

In all cases to promote positive chi to flow from the road in to your home you should have a path leading to your entrance door that curves gently, your entrance should be smart and in good repair and kept clear of clutter to give a welcoming view of your home.

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