Z-Wave Technology is the Future For Smart Meters

Having a solid grasp on your energy consumption is an important step in being able to reduce your carbon footprint. With the innovation of smart meters, you can start to exert a real influence on your energy consumption and, more importantly, monitor your progress as you work towards being more energy efficient.

Although there are a number of smart meters on the market at the moment, being able to differentiate one from another can be quite confusing. By following this simple guide you can stay away from poor quality ones and get a meter which is going to help you actively reduce your energy consumption.

One of the indicators to look for is to see if it meets the globally recognised Z-Wave standard, approved by the Z-Wave Alliance. Z-Wave technology is a form of wireless communications which uses a low-power radio frequency signal to automate devices. The Z-Wave Alliance is a syndicate of more than 160 technology manufacturers including Intel and Universal Electronics committed to building wireless products to the appointed Z-Wave standard.

Z-Wave technologies are energy efficient and, because they operate outside of the 2.4 GHz frequency range, devices will not interfere with cordless phones, Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi internet, making them extremely compatible in the home.

Good smart meters will be built to Z-Wave specifications which will allow you to regulate your energy use automatically. Normal smart meters for example, will give you information based on how much energy you are consuming. A Z-Wave smart meter will be able to take that information and act on it automatically according to your specifications. With Z-Wave meters you will be able to tell it to switch off your heating automatically if you consume a certain amount of gas or turn all the electricity off if you are on holiday, thus regulating the amount of energy you use.

Smart meters of any kind should help to improve your energy awareness, which is a positive step. However, smart meters approved to Z-Wave standard can take things to the next level, acting on that awareness to curb your energy expenditure.

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