About Feng Shui and Your Health

It’s been proven that trying to manage a stressful job, home, and a demanding family schedule can seriously affect you health, but have you ever thought that your home or office was creating or contributing to your health problems? A workspace or a home that is lacking balance can create health problems ranging from headaches to depression, high blood pressure and other problems.

In Feng Shui philosophy everything in the universe is tied together through the flow of Chi, so if the Chi that flows through your home is blocked or is not flowing properly then your body will feel the negative effects of the disturbance in the magnetic force that Chi is made up of. So any disturbance of the Chi in your bedroom, living room, or even your office can make you sick.

The practice of Feng Shui focuses on realigning the energy of a particular space which will also help your body fix any imbalances in your own energy. According to Feng Shui each room contains spaces that correlate to different parts of life like health, love, prosperity and so on. You need to fix the balance of that are of the room in order to be healthy, have good relationships, be prosperous and so on.

Some people might be hesitant to accept the idea that the placement of the furniture in a room can make you sick but if you think about it carefully you can probably come up with at least three places that you go everyday where you don’t feel comfortable or where you feel ill for no apparent reason. Is there a room in your house or in a friend’s house where you just never feel quite comfortable enough to really relax?

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