Feng Shui Colors – Finding the Right Colors For Your Home

Feng Shui Colors – Finding the Right Colors For Your Home

The key to choosing the right feng shui colors for your home is to first understand two very important principles of feng shui. The five elements which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water act as a guide for creating balance in one’s surroundings. Next we turn to the Bagua to focus on different areas of a person’s life. This handy tool locates the different areas in a given room or home that corresponds to each area of that person’s life. Choosing the right colors comes down to how well these two principles are used in combination.

Chinese astrologers believe that each year is represented by one of the five elements. Each element is also represented by specific colors. The colors that you need to use more of in your surroundings can be found by matching your year of birth to its corresponding element. There are also two forces that influence the way the five elements work together to achieve balance. The first force is called the productive cycle and it shows how each element is created by or produce another.

The other one is called the destructive cycle and it shows how each element destroys or is destroyed by another.

Understanding these two cycles is important, because when you are able to identify the elements that will either benefit or harm you, you will also be able to figure out their associated colors. Incorporate more of the colors representing the element that created your element and use less of the colors representing the element that destroys your element. Take a look at the five elements and the colors that represent each one.

Wood: Green, Brown

Fire: Red, Bright Strong Yellows, Orange, Pink, Purple

Earth: Light Yellow, Light Brown, Light Sandy Tan

Metal: White, Gray, Silver

Water: Blue, Black

Feng shui colors can also be found on the eight sections of the Bagua. This tool is used by either standing at the entrance of an individual room or the doorway of the home. Simply place the Bagua with the red section pointed away from you and the black section directly towards you. This enables you to map out either the entire room or the entire home that corresponds to the different areas of your life. Which area of your life needs improving? Find that area in the room you are in and use more of the color that represents the area of your life that needs to change. The five elements also influence the way the Bagua is used, it will further determine the types of objects that will either benefit or harm each individual area. Different areas of your life can be improved considerably by placing the right objects in the right places.

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