Interior Designing – How Colors Change the Mood of a Room

Interior Designing – How Colors Change the Mood of a Room

We spent a lump sum amount when it comes to altering the appearance of our room. Be it in terms of purchasing costly upholstery, expensive wall paintings or wonderful lightning; we leave no stone unturned to make our living area look opulent and elegant. While spending time behind decoration, we ignore the most vital element that makes a room look gorgeous and it is color.

Spending the right time and money behind colors can triple your return on investment because the type of color which you choose for your room also affects your mood. Yes, this is a true fact. Take a look at some of the colors and know where to use it and why it is to be used.


If you have guests frequently coming to your home, then red is just the appropriate color. This color brings a strong and vibrant energy in the room. Use this color in your dining room and engage in some soul soothing conversations with your next door neighbor, friends, family members or a close relative. Do not use it in your bedroom as this is the place where you want to relax.


Use this color only if you want to highlight a small portion of the room. It is better not to use the color in other rooms. Studies have shown that yellow has an adverse effect on the human brain and acts as a stimulating factor for people who are short tempered. Moreover, the color also looks strikingly contrasting to the eyes.


Blue is a soothing color as it brings a sense of relaxation in the body of the persons staying in a room. It reduces blood pressure, slows down heart rate and also helps to respire slowly. Hence, with these multiple benefits this color is no doubt the most preferred color of people. Use this color in a bathroom or in the bedroom, but not in kitchen or at any other place where you are actively involved in some task.


It is a color which is associated with nature, but when it comes to applying it in your room you have to be pretty careful. There are different tones of the color which is to be used properly. Opt for light green in order to give your room a fresh look. The color also looks visually appealing to the eyes. On the other hand, muted tones can set off the mood of the room. Pastel and yellow greens are the best as they give a relaxing and energetic feel in the room.


Orange gives an adrenaline pump and raise the level of excitement. It fills the ambiance of the room with enthusiasm. If there is any part of your house where you work out or indulge in some physical activity such as dance then use orange in that particular room.

Apply these colors to make your room appear more attractive.

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