Feng Shui Career Zone – Climb the Ladder to Success

Feng Shui Career Zone – Climb the Ladder to Success

Feng Shui is not only about creating a positive flow of chi and greater harmony in your home life, but it can also be used to benefit or enhance your career life as well. In Feng Shui, career and opportunity is a life lesson represented by the North direction of the Bagua Map. In order to activate this energy, you simply energize this corner of your room, home or office with the influential colors and elements of this area. Whether you work from home or outside the home, there are ways to achieve Feng Shui career success and luck by using the following guidelines and principles.

The Career Zone

The North area or Career Sector of the Bagua, is ruled by the element of water. In Feng Shui, as water is produced by the element metal, we can also energize the area with the element of metal. This means that any picture, symbol, object, item, painting, photo as well as any type of water or metal feature should be used to activate this area. Although both can be used as they are complimentary, the use of water will ultimately be more powerful in this particular area. Subsequently, any item represented by the elements of wood, earth or fire will weaken the area and counterbalance your efforts for attaining feng shui career success and luck.

Energizing with objects

One of the easiest ways to energize the career area of your living room or office is to place a small artificial water feature or aquarium in the North area. Do not make this too big however as such an overwhelming source of water energy can cause an imbalance to the rest of your room, eventually resulting in you feeling drowned through the subsequent negative energy and resulting bad career luck. You should also never have aquariums or water features in your bedroom as this can result in you being robbed or cheated.

When you are trying to energize through the water element, it is important to depict flowing water as opposed to still water. Stagnant water can result in stagnant chi which is negative and worse than not having water at all. Aquariums with swimming fish, fountains with water running or pumps in the water that create oxygen bubbles or a continuous flow are ideal representations of the water element for feng shui career luck.

If a water feature in your office is not an option and you wish to enhance the career area of this room, you can always display a picture or photo of a waterfall or flowing river for instance, to the north wall or introduce water motifs into the decor of this direction. Alternatively, anything that is black or blue in color will also represent the element water.

Metal items can also be used to energize this area. Some examples of these include coins, wind chimes, magnets or bells.

Feng Shui in the Office

Whether your office is at home or at ‘work’ you can also employ feng shui to the north corner of the room or cubicle you work in for feng shui career success. Desks should be positioned so that the occupant has a direct view to the entrance to the room and all windows, ideally with their back to a wall. It is not good to directly face a window however as this can be very distracting to your work, though natural light in the room is highly beneficial.

A round desk or one with rounded edges is more advantageous than a square or rectangular one. If you have one of the latter desks, plants on the sides of the desk can counterbalance the poison arrows deflected from it. The desk should also be a good size and free from clutter. Keep the desk surface tidy and the items in your desk drawers tidy as this will create tension on your subconscious. The same items and symbols described above representing water or metal can also be used in the north corner of your office to enhance your feng shui career success.

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