How Trees Affect Luck and Wealth Feng Shui

You might have previously read about how trees can improve Feng Shui, shield off negative energy, creating auspicious Feng Shui energy and et cetera. Trees are indeed beautiful and spruce up a home’s landscaping, however, trees were never part of good Feng Shui. Take my words, trees in and nearby your home are bad Feng Shui and definitely a no no. We shall focus on large trees here as smaller trees have little effect on negative Feng Shui.

Do you know that trees prevent good flow of positive qi energy (this positive energy contains your luck and wealth elements) to enter your home? Tree breaks or worse, block the flow of this wealth element into your home. It must not be blocked. Some are right that negative energy will flow in too, but, it should not pose much of a problem to us as the negativity is low compare to all the good elements. Think about this, if you block the luck and wealth elements, how will you or your family members going to be successful in business, career or even lotteries.

We only think about blocking or allowing energy into home, hence, we left aside a very important issue here. Having trees around your home will lead to wealth element sipping out too! Limbs (roots) of a tree and dead branches will drain your wealth element away.

You also need to know that the limbs of a tree might touch the underneath of your home. Definitely very bad Feng Shui. If you put Feng Shui aside, you should know that overgrown limbs can damage your house structure too.

One more thing that your should know is that trees are of yin energy, which in simple terms, trees are very suitable and attract spirits (ghost). When you have spirits around, you will always be in bad luck. How will you be able to harness good luck when spirits are of bad omen.

Since now you know that trees are of no good to you and your family, you want to cut away all the trees surrounding your home, but wait, there is no need to waste time, energy and money, I have a better and simple solution for you.

All you need to do is to tie steel wires around the tree trunk. In Feng Shui principle, it means that particular tree has been cut and growth stunted. This way, you can keep the beautiful trees around your home while at the same time enjoy your wealth element flowing into your home.

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