Curtains Vs Draperies

Many people use the terms curtains and draperies interchangeably, but in fact, they are two very different types of window treatments. You might also find differences in the term depending on whom you’re talking to. Homeowners tend to use the term curtain, and a professional designer might use the term drapes. Both curtains and draperies are used for light control, privacy, and decorative purposes. The difference between the two is mainly visual, which can help you in deciding which type of look and mood you want for your room.

Traditionally, curtains were functional and used primarily as a window covering to block out light or simply for privacy. With curtains, the fabric on the front is the same fabric as on the back. They are also made of lighter materials. The light, airy, and translucent effect of unlined fabric is very popular. Some examples include lace, cotton, nylon, silk, or other sheer fabrics. Curtains give a more causal or informal to a room, because they tend to be only the length of the window. However, curtains be found in floor lengths as well. They are usually hung using a rod through a rod pocket, with rings that clip onto to curtain, or even tied on to the rod.

Draperies, on the other hand, are made from heavier fabrics and are usually lined. Draperies are mainly used for decorative purposes rather than a functional purpose. With draperies, there is decorative fabric on the front, and lining fabric on the back. Draperies are mostly ornate and are made of richer fabrics such as silk, jacquard, velvet, or heavy cotton fibers. They are almost always floor length, which makes them rather formal. They can be hung on a traverse rod so that you can pull them open and closed with a string.

Although curtains and draperies are two different types of window treatments, they also have some similarities. Both curtains and drapes can be used to control light, to provide privacy, and for decorative purposes. You can even use curtains and draperies on the same window with the curtain as the window covering and the drapery as the decoration. This combination can also be topped with a valance.

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