Snow Fun Scrapbook Layout

Playing in the snow is a great time to take candid pictures of

your family. Where we live we might only get one or two days of

snow each year, if we’re lucky, so this year we decided to drive

to the snow! We found a state park only a couple of hours away

where they had great sledding hills, and took the whole family

along for an afternoon of sledding and snow fun.

We took lots of great pictures that day. It’s not often you get

pictures of grandma and grandpa sledding and playing in the snow.

The hard part is choosing which pictures to put in my scrapbook!

Materials Needed:

– Dark blue piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper

– White piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper

– Paper Cutter

– Glue

– Two photos

I was trying to come up with a “snow” theme for my scrapbook

layout. I chose a 12×12 dark blue piece of paper for the

background of my page. I decided to accent the blue with lots of

white to represent the snow.

For the first white accent I decided to create snowflakes to be

the mats for my photos. There was only enough room for two

photos on the page, so I cut out two snowflake mats.

To make the snowflake mats, I cut out a piece of white cardstock

to be the size my mat would normally be. Then I folded the piece

of paper in half as many times as I could and cut the corners off

and cut little triangles into each side of the shape to create my

snowflake. You can have fun with this part, just think back to

making snowflakes as a child! I also cut out a couple of small

snowflakes for extra decoration.

To add some snow to the background of my page, I took a 12×12

piece of white card stock and tore a strip of it to glue at the

bottom of the dark blue background page. This gives the page the

appearance of a snowy background (see photo).

Next I cut out a freehand snowman to glue on the side of the

page. It really doesn’t have to look perfect, it’s supposed to

look homemade!

I then printed out the words “Winter Wonderland” on my computer

to create the heading for the page. I didn’t mat this piece of

paper. I just cut it out and glued it at the top of the

background page.

Last but not least, I glued two photos to my “snowflake” mats and

arranged them in the center of the page with the extra snowflake

for an added accent. Easy, and very cute!

Photos of finished snow fun scrapbook layout:

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