How to Calcultate Your Kua Number to Use in Your Feng-Shui House

According to good Feng Shui principles, energy requirements are different for each person. In the Classic School of Chinese Feng Shui, there is a Flying Stars principle, which simply states that there is a East and West group of energy. You would fall into either one of the categories.

To figure out whether you are in the West or East group, you must determine your Kua number. This number is based, among other things, on whether you are male or female, as well as your date of birth (the complete date), and even which time zone you were in when you were born. You can either find a Chinese Kua calculator on a variety of websites online or you can calculate the number yourself. This is the process if you want to figure it out yourself:

1. Use the year you were born, add together the last two digits. (Most Feng Shui practitioners say that you need to use your Chinese lunar birth year).

2. If you add the two digits together and they equal more than ten, add the digits you come up with together, so you get one number.

3. After that, females should add five to their single digit and males should subtract it from ten. Use 9 whenever you get a 0. This answer is your Kua number. (For women, if adding 5 results in more then 10, again add the digits you come up with together, so you get one number).

By calculating your Kua number, you can figure out whether you belong to West or East group. If your number is 8, 7, 6, or 2, you are in the West group. If your number is 9, 1, 3, or 4, you are in the East group. If you know your Kua number, you can figure out the way you should face while working, while you sleep or when you come in, so you get the benefits of positive energy flow. If your Kua number puts you in the East group, your best directions are Southeast, South, East, and North. If you end up facing something, these directions provide you with the best balance and energy flow.

Each person has various Feng-Shui directions they draw or feed on for a positive energy flow. This means you have to find directions, that will provide benefit to the most people in your home. Don’t just use the Kua numbers but also on the reading of the Feng-Shui Ba-Gua as well as the Feng Shui compass, Lo-Pan. No one tool is the end all to end all in a Feng-Shui House; rather, you must use the positives from all of these tools, so everyone in the home can enjoy a pleasing space. Designers trained in Feng Shui can help you bring Feng Shui cures and Feng Shui tips in your Feng Shui home.

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