9 Feng Shui Steps to Take When Choosing a New Home

9 Feng Shui Steps to Take When Choosing a New Home

The literal meaning of feng shui is the flow of “wind” and “water” . The wind disperses the invisible life energy and the water contains it. You attract and cultivate positive energy – otherwise known as sheng qui (shung chi)  and eliminate negative energy – otherwise known as sha qui (shar chi) when you practice feng shui.

We can use feng shui inside our homes when choosing how to lay out our rooms and decorate but there are factors that should be taken into account when you are first choosing the location of a new home.

Nine feng shui factors to consider when choosing a new home:

  1. Look for a new home that fits in with the natural landscape. If there has been a lot of excavation done such as high retaining walls, this is cutting into the land’s natural energy. 
  2. Choose a house that is on the high side of the street or high on a hill. Not only will it have more privacy and no flooding problems, but the Chinese believe it will bring more prosperity.
  3. The block the new house is located on should be rectangular in shape.  Being longer on the northern and southern ends. If you cannot have a rectangular block, then it would be good if the block was wider at the back than at the front.
  4. Avoid neighborhoods that have a triangular shape. The qu (chi- energy) can stagnate and gather in the corners of the neighborhood.
  5. Really good feng shui – and most of us would love this – is having the front of the home look out over water. The sea actually isn’t considered that great because it can be dark and gloomy. A lake, river, bay or harbor would be preferable.
  6. Avoid being next to drainage canals. These can be full of unpleasant sha qui ( shar chi) – negative energy.
  7. Make sure that the home is not too enclosed by large trees or large homes. This will block the qi (chi-energy)
  8. The house must be built on solid ground. If the ground is wet, sandy or sunken and too damp it will generate dead qui.
  9. Watch out for dead plants or plants that are having a hard time thriving on the land. This is a sign of dead qi.

According to the Chinese, where the descending heaven qi meets the ascending earth qi is the ideal site for a home. These rules are not written in stone, but halfway up a hill facing the sun is considered great feng shui because you will have a view and you will get cool summer breezes and warm winter ones.

As you can see the world of feng shui is not all about the spiritual. It  is actually a combination of common sense and spirituality all designed to bring us to a place of peace and positive energy.

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