Log Homes As Eco-Friendly Homes

While a log home may not be the first type of home you think of when you think of a green home, the fact is log homes are naturally more eco-friendly than traditionally built homes.

The Logs and Wood

The first consideration for any log home to be eco-friendly is the logs that are used. The main factor for logs to be considered eco-friendly is that the logs should be from a sustainable source. Sustainable sources would include reclaimed wood from other homes and buildings that have been demolished or remodeled, logs that come from a tree farm or other managed forest, logs from burnt out or diseased trees and wood reclaimed from rivers such as old pilings and piers. These types of wood are excellent choices to use in building a log home. The idea is to make sure that your source of logs is sustainable and definitely not from old growth forests or sensitive forest lands.

Size and Layout

Another consideration is the size and layout of a log home. The larger the home, the more logs and materials that will be required. In addition, the layout is crucial to a log home’s eco-friendliness. The layout should minimize energy usage for heating and cooling, maximize outdoor sources of light with strategic placement of windows and maximize the sun’s rays at different times of the day. The layout and placement of the home should also be in harmony with the existing land and environment.

Building Materials

Other than the logs, the other materials used in a log home are also essential to the eco-friendliness of the space. Carpets, fixtures, flooring, cabinets, appliances, windows, every aspect is important to making a log home green. Some materials, such as carpeting, can give off what are called VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds when they are installed. These compounds are from the manufacturing of the product and the use of various solvents and glues in the process. These compounds take time to dissipate and can be harmful to chemically sensitive people. This is why the selection of the materials for the home is so important. Nearly every element of a log home can be eco-friendly, you just need to opt for the more organic and eco-friendly choices available.

Energy and Electricity

Like other homes, a log home can be powered by alternative energies that can either comprise the entire energy system of the home or act as an adjunct to a traditional power supply. Solar panels are a popular accessory for log homes, especially those in an area with excellent sun exposure.

When taking these aspects into account, a log home can be one of the most environmentally sound choices when building a new home.

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