Basics of Home Office Feng Shui

Basics of Home Office Feng Shui

Home offices have grown tremendously in popularity in the past decade. Both the advent of bigger homes and the process of bringing work home has contributed to this growth, therefore, consideration should be given to your home office Feng Shui.

One of the more critical aspects of home office Feng Shui is the placement of the desk. Having your back to the door is a big no-no. So that means that even if you have to place your desk in a location of your home office that does not necessarily seem like the most aesthetically pleasing spot for your desk, you should still make sure that you aren’t sitting with your back to the door. 

Remember that Feng Shui is not so much about the décor in your home being visually nice, but instead it’s supposed to allow energy to flow throughout the rooms. Of course you want your décor and furniture placement within your home to look good when you look at it, but you also need to take into consideration the ancient principles.

Another consideration is the stuff in the office. One of the basic principles of Feng Shui and that is to avoid allowing your space to become filled with clutter. With an abundance of items cluttering your workspace your creative process cannot flow nearly as well as it would if you didn’t have an abundance of trinkets throughout the room. 

While you are attempting to keep your work related items under control you should also concentrate on only putting decorations up that help you focus and help you to feel more creative.  Don’t put up a poster of a Feng Shui symbol that is designed to make you more efficient if it doesn’t truly appeal to you.

If at all possible avoid having your office in your bedroom. Not everyone has this option if space for you is limited, but the place that you work and the place you rest should be separate. You want everything in your bedroom to lean toward relaxation, and it’s harder to rest if you’re staring at your computer screen while in bed.

If you work from home you may have already discovered the fact that sometimes you feel as though you can never get away from your work. You certainly don’t want to have a rough day with your work and then have to get into a bed that nestles up next to the very desk you were resenting hours before.

Home office Feng Shui is just as important as other areas of the home, and if you are forced to have a home office in the bedroom, may be the most critical decision in the home. By providing a home office space that is in balance with the principles of Feng Shui you will be more productive, creative, and abundance will flow your way.

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