How to Light Your Home

How to Light Your Home

Lighting can change the whole feel of your home and is a great way to give a room an easy update. Check out our selection of style ideas and create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

Add a statement shade

If you’re going for a bold shade, keep the lamp base simple so the shade is the focal point. Tie your shade into the room scheme by repeating it’s colours in accessories like cushions and keep the background colours and patterns simple so they don’t compete with the lamp shade. Disguise the light cord by wrapping it around the legs of the lamp base.

Go for task lighting

Choose, bright, directional task lighting in a home office area. Stylish ceramic lights like these look good and are great for areas where you work or read. Two clamp lights are the perfect choice as they don’t take up too much space and give you much greater flexibility, as they can be moved as needed. Clip your lights onto open-shelving- perfect for storing your paperwork and keeping day-to-day files to hand.

Hang a chandelier

Create a dramatic effect in the dining room by hanging a large, low-hung chandelier. Attach a hook to the ceiling so you can raise and lower the chandelier to create different lighting effects. Give your scheme a modern twist by opting for smoked glass combined with shades of teal and chocolate. Combine the opulence of the chandelier with bold, highly-patterned wallpaper to create a lavish-looking space.

Highlight Family Pictures

Create a picture gallery in your living room by arranging a group of photos and hanging them in an alcove. Illuminate the photos by fitting a stylish picture light above them and position the pictures elegantly by keeping some order to the arrangement. Mount the pictures on wallpaper left over from the chimney piece and choose a frame in a complementary shade.

Use Atmospheric lighting

Get creative and choose soft, mood lighting in the bedroom. Create an eye-catching feature by pushing fairy lights through the holes of carved panels. Add brighter task lighting to the side of the bed if you like to read at night. Choose a soft shade of blue on the wall to complement the dark wood of the lights

Create a glowing display

Group together pretty glass table lamps on a side board to add a subtle accent lighting to your dining room. Boost the twinkle factor of the glass lamps by placing them on mirrored surfaces. Place the lamps slightly to the side of the surface and team with coloured glass vases to add interest. Add extra impact by hanging a patterned wallpaper behind the lamps.

Decorate With Feature Lights

Feature lights are the perfect choice for hallways and other narrow spaces. Choose a row of ornate mirrored lights to add a pretty look to the space. Fill vases with big blooms between the lamps to create a touch of hotel chic. Place a large mirror behind the display to reflect the lights.

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