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It’s often said Home is where the heart is and if this saying is to be truly followed, one should follow our hearts and decorate our dream home, the way we always wanted. Most of us feel, hiring a talented architect or interior designer would be the ultimate solution and he would decorate our dream home, as we have always imagined. However, the truth remains the passion with which each family member suggests implements and collectively decides on each nook and corner of the house, no outsider can compensate. Let us observe how we can make a collection of bricks, mud, sand and wood into a comfortable, yet luxurious home, suiting our lifestyles and budget.

  • Decorating with Furniture: The market is swarming with various furniture designs, each better than the other. However, a family should first decide if the furniture they desire should be antique or updated with a modern look. It must be kept in mind that the furniture must blend with the upholstery like sofa covers and curtains. If wooden furniture is to be bought, termite free, sturdy , durable and good quality furniture should be indulged into.

    Furniture, polished with finesse and smooth to touch should be your priority. Any wrought iron furniture should be rust free to avoid problems later. It is always recommended to buy furniture, which provides maximum utility for the users. For example, if you want to buy a magazine stand for your living room, one with a tabletop would serve a dual purpose.

  • Privacy in toilets: The washroom is a place where everyone gets their little bit of privacy, alone. Making it a comfortable room, even for those ten minutes its being used, shall be a treat for the family members as well as any guest who visits your home. Make sure the toilet is well ventilated as well as well lit!! A storage cupboard under the sink, to hold toiletries is always a welcome space and if its well designed, with a sleek finish, the toilet would be a comfortable room by itself. A cabinet on the side wall, to store fresh towels, would look very attractive. Many people like to read their morning newspaper or catch up with a gripping magazine in the toilet, as they relieve themselves. Making a magazine stand in a corner, would serve the purpose very well. Add a bowl of pot pourri in a corner of the washroom, to give that final exotic touch!!
  • Warmth of bedrooms: Often while decorating your home, there arises confusion about bedrooms and who should occupy which one. Without doubt the master bedroom is for the parents. The largest room in the house with an attached toilet should invariably be the master bedroom. Parents need their privacy and comfort zone so the decor of this room should be subtle, warm, inviting yet the most beautiful room of the house.

    With a twin bed to sink into after a long day, and huge glass windows to let the morning misty sun in your room, what more can one ask for? On the other hand, the children’s room should be bright, innovative and spacious so they can sprawl around with their toys and enjoy their childhood to its full potential. For girls, choosing a pink colour combination with cartoon characters would be fun and for the boys, blue, to bring out their naughtiness further!

    A bunk bed, with a study table and storage space for lots of toys and books would complete their little world of colourful fun, knowledge and exploration. A colourful, cartoon based wall paper would complete the perfect picture of the little ones’ naughty world, where only mess is allowed!!

  • A kitchen brewing tasty stuff: The kitchen is the place where the lady of the house unleashes her creative potential and churns out scrumptious, mouth watering dishes for the entire family to devour!! So this little haven, ought to be pleasant, well lit, welcoming as well as neat and clean. Make sure you have enough storage space for all your spices, lentils, pulses and grocery. Enough daylight should enter the kitchen giving it that evergreen, fresh look always.

    Many families like to eat at least one meal together, in spite of their tight schedules. So making a kitchen table in the centre is always a welcome treat. Easily accessible shelves, smooth sliding drawers and not too high lofts should be made for storage. Smooth finishing cabinets, which camouflage things like the dust bin, under sink storage stuff, should be easy for members of the house to access. As once the person brewing up dishes in the kitchen is comfortable, the aroma in the dish itself is tempting and irresistible.

Last but not the least; a mere house can be made into a loving home, if you put your heart and soul into its complete decor.

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