Smart Food-Packing Tips for Motor Home Buyers

Smart Food-Packing Tips for Motor Home Buyers

Now that you have finally zeroed in on a used motor home for sale that perfectly meets your travel needs, you are one step closer to your dream vacation There are several aspects of planning a road trip, but ultimately everything boils down to your personal preferences. For fun-loving vacationers, food is one of the major aspects of their travel planning. Just stopping at roadside bistros to gorge on local delicacies can be an experience in itself, but it can prove to be expensive. Instead of eating out every time, you can pack food for a few meals. This will not only save a lot of money, but will also come handy especially if you are traveling with kids. You will need the right kind of packing boxes, though and should be careful to ensure that the boxes don’t slide off. Here are four tips that will come handy in overcoming this challenge:

Make Friends with Lightweight Tableware

Say goodbye to your favorite bone china cups, glasses and dishware for a while. Instead, take lightweight tableware, dishes, tumblers and bowls along with you. Stuff them snugly in compact cupboards to stop them from falling down or rolling over each other every time your rig takes a sharp turn.

Carry Food Items with Long Shelf-life

Bring perishable items such as raw meat and vegetables as little as possible. Instead, load up shelf-stable items such as dry salami, canned tuna, cereal, tea, coffee, jam, jelly, peanut butter and crackers. If you are travelling with young kids, don’t forget to pack a lot of chocolates and condiments. Put all your food items securely in baskets and cartons instead of plastic bags. And yes, don’t forget those extra bottles of ketchups and mustards.

Leave Your Spice Rack At Home

Instead of carrying multiple spices in separate bottles, bring only two to three types of seasoning spices and use them for multiple dishes. They will save a lot of your packing and storing hassles. For example, a packet of taco seasoning will come handy in spicing up your tunas, eggs as well as avocados.

Make Use of Ziploc Freezer Storage Bags

Cooking a part of your recipe at home is always a smart idea. Keep your prepped food items such as chopped veggies, cooked meat and sandwich filling in Ziploc freezer storage bags. Besides helping you cut down on your cooking time, these zip-secured storage bags will let you reduce the amount of trash you have to dispose.

Finding a suitable used motor home for sale is a long process. Since you have already accomplished this part, now is the time to start packing. Pack well, stay prepared and travel smart. This will make your RV trip all the more fun. We are sure our food packing tips will make things easier for you on your trip.

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