Simple Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen Within Budget

Simple Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen Within Budget

Most of the houses in Florida are remodeled whether it is a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc. Latest trend in Florida is bigger bathrooms. Bigger bathrooms mean more space for a Jacuzzi. Many houses in Florida do have smaller bathrooms.

While remodeling your bathroom, look into basic luxuries like whirlpool tubs, dual shower heads, shower systems and also adding body sprays to the shower area. Nowadays people also install stereos and TV in their bathroom too to enjoy their bath time to the fullest.

If you have a limited budget, then just change the color of bathroom walls, shower curtains and window treatments. If you are not bothered about the budget then you can give a new look to your bathroom by upgrading the appliances, breaking and reconstructing bathroom walls to add more space, redoing the plumbing and optimizing your bathroom space. Some important remodeling options that you have to consider are as follows:

You can put up a painting on the bathroom wall. Put your soaps, bath salts and pretty toiletries in antique bowls or shaving mugs and add colored beads and cheap faux pearl necklace to it for a romantic effect. You can also keep aroma candles in your counter top so that your bathroom gives a nice smell. You can put up wicker table or chair in big bathrooms as they have more space. You can repaint your wood cabinets. Many houses in Florida have decorative wood beams on the ceiling and mirrored cabinets on the wall.

Bathroom remodeling does not mean breaking and reconstruction. Just making few changes can give a new look to your bathroom. You can put fresh flowers in unusual vases like wall vases, window boxes etc. You can replace the door of your bathroom cabinet with a Victorian screen door or a framed trellis.

If you have a small bathroom and small budget, then also you can remodel your kitchen. The first thing that you have to look for is to find a tub or shower that can fit in the allotted space. Choose a tub or shower that is within your budget.

There are several compact toilets available. These are designed for saving space. Both Kohler and American standard have a line of compact toilets. Do go in for an elongated or right height toilet for more comfort. Another idea is to go with a corner toilet.

Other designs or tips:

Lighting/curtains: As most of the older homes are pretty dark, choose bright color curtains. Add lots of lighting over your mirrors and even over the tub area. It can brighten the room and even brighten your morning.

Shelving: Small tub can give a additional room for a cabinet at the foot of the tub. This gives more storage for towels, essential oils, bubble baths etc. Consider built in glass shelves and towel bars, robe hooks etc.

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