Pelmet Designs and Curtain Pelmets For Window Treatments

Pelmet Designs and Curtain Pelmets For Window Treatments

Pelmets are in vogue and really change the whole appeal of the curtain and give the room and window a distinctive look. There are various pelmet designs that you can pick as curtain pelmets for window treatments. But if we look at the pelmet designs broadly then it can be categorized into stiff pelmet and pelmet valance. The stiff pelmet is made from the pelmet board on which the fabric is pasted so there is no frills or pleats here. But in case of valance pelmets the fabric has the pleats that flows downwards. Although there are now rollers and blinds but both the styles of pelmets are in and used by many.

Curtain pelmets are chiefly used for window treatments but these are also used to stop the excess of light above the curtain head and the light that is coming from the top of the window. You can also dramatize the whole interior with the marvelous curtain pelmets designs. 

Curtain Pelmets Designs

In some cases of curtain pelmets for window treatments, the pelmet is used alone without curtains. Here stiff pelmets are used. The pelmet design can vary according to the window. Craftsman can show his or her creativity by giving different carves and angles to the wood.

But in other case the pelmet board is completely decorated with the curtain fabric and with swags and tails of the same fabric. The number of swags vary and depends upon the size of the window or where the pelmet curtain is being used. Even the frills and pleats are also given. To further decorate the curtain pelmets the lower end of the frills are then embellished with braids, beads or fringes.

Curtain pelmet color can be similar to the color of other textile furnishings like bed covers, cushions, bed sheets etc. The coordinating colors look really good if used properly. More balance should be provided by combining dark and light colors. Even the dark color pelmet can be used to lower the roof if your room has high roof.

Wooden Pelmet Designs

Wooden pelmet designs are made from wood and the length is custom made. The color choice is also based on the selection of the customer. All types of contemporary and traditional wooden pelmet designs can be checked that look very elegant. These have the carving of wood so there is no need of fabric to decorate it further.

Contemporary Pelmet Designs

Contemporary pelmet designs are different from the traditional in prints, bulkiness and type of fabric used. In the contemporary styles the fabric used is generally very light and soft in color with small prints or plain. In this the pelmet is covered either by frills or swags. The swags of the pelmet curtains are mostly sewn so that whenever you need to wash these you can do it easily without damaging the pelmet curtain design and its style. Swags are mostly done for the tall windows to add style and touch of royalty. But there is no hard and fast rule of doing so. You can use swag on any window where you want to do it but make sure that room size should be considerable as with swags in pelmets the room tends to appear small.

Curtain and pelmet designs compliment with each other so must be selected accordingly.

Curtain pelmet design can be made from the carved wood which is the original style of the pelmet. You can use the curtain of different tone. Even the scalloped curtain pelmets are in vogue. You can also consider the molded ceiling cornice pelmet designs as well, which again is a traditional curtain pelmet design. This pelmet does not look individual and looks like a part of the ceiling.

Pelmet designs also involve the used of elaborated upholstery. In most of the formal dining room it is easy to see these pelmet designs having too many curtains, swags and tails. With this type of pelmet design generally the height of the roof is lowered to give room a balance look.

So in this way you can create a beautiful pelmet designs and carry curtain pelmets for window treatments.

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