Safest Kids Training Potty is a Kid’s Wooden Chair by Little Colorado Furniture

One of the safest kids training potty on the market is not made of plastic, but is a kid’s wooden chair made by the U.S. based Little Colorado furniture. Their baby potty is also customizable, including the option of coming with or without a holder for toilet paper. The optional holder is mounted on the side, where your potty training toddler can easily reach it. On the opposite side, an optional book rack can be mounted, which can also double as a storage compartment. The potties are made of resilient Baltic birch plywood and come with a removable plastic chamber, which conforms to industry standard size for easy replacement. After use, the chamber pot easily slides out from the rear, which serves well to avoid unwanted messes or spillage.

Little Colorado’s customizable kids training potty comes in a variety of finishes including soft pink, powder blue, light green, white, linen, red, green, pink, black, and lavender. Optionally, you may choose from natural lacquer finishes, or if you are into doing your own projects, you may also buy it unfinished. However, if you do finish it yourself, you will want to make sure that you use the best possible wood seal to prevent water damage. If you plan on finishing your kid’s wooden chair, you may want to contact the manufacturer for advice for the best finishing materials, in order to avoid using chemicals which may prove hazardous to your baby.

With this in mind, all Little Colorado furniture is made in the U.S., and when compared to other companies, especially those located in countries like China where profit outweighs safety, this family owned business standards are considered one of the highest in the industry. All furniture is made with water-based finishes and formaldehyde-free materials produced in America. According to researcher Bruce Wolk, in April 2009, of the almost 1 million toys, games, pieces of furniture, apparel which were recalled for safety issues, none were manufactured in the U.S. He recommends that parents buy products made in the U.S., even if they cost a little more than imports.

On a personal note, Little Colorado furniture was formed in 1987 by a husband and wife who had both lost their jobs; one their first products was a kids training potty, modeled on a kid’s wooden chair. At the time, they had two young sons at home with whom they used to test their prototypes. Needless to say, safety and quality came first. At the same time, Cheryl and Dick Shaw realized that their products also had to be affordable to most consumers, which is why they also sell their products unfinished. According to Mrs. Shaw, their toy boxes are routinely held as a quality standard by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition to quality and safety, customer service is a high priority at Little Colorado furniture. Because they are an U.S. based company, all employees, including customer service representatives are Americans. Therefore, should you have a question or concern, your call will not be routed to an overseas call center. Although today’s consumers may be buying less, most are still concerned with quality and value for their dollar, especially when it involves items for their young children.

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