Paper Bag Scrapbook

Are really popular and super easy to make. Grab that brown bag and get your imagination started. With just a few supplies you have around the house you too can create a Paper Bag Scrapbook!

You need to collect the following supplies:

– 2 or 3 lunch size paper bags (or larger, but keep them all the same size)

– cardstock

– scissors

– ribbon

– stapler

– ruler

– hole punch

– a little imagination

How to Make a Paper Bag Scrapbook

1. Determine how many pages your finished project will be. Two paper bags will make eight pages and four pockets. Three paper bags will make twelve pages and six pockets. Four paper bags will make sixteen pages and eight pockets. Five paper bags will make twenty pages and ten pockets. — Boy, these are getting to be some rather large scrapbooks 🙂

2. Cut off the bottom of your bags by leaving your bag folded flat and lifting the bottom flap, then cutting straight across. Do this to all the bags used and make sure they are even.

3. Fold each bag in half and set them on top of each other

4. Punch holes on the left side of the stack of bags

5. Use ribbon, lace, pipe cleaners, etc. to tie the bags together through the punched holes

6. Now it’s time to Decorate It! Pull out the button box, sticker box, paint or markers, pipe cleaners, that box of craft odds and ends… the resources are endless. Just use your imagination to set the theme for your paper bag scrapbook.

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