Feng Shui Landscaping – Have You Tried These Three Tips?

What comes to mind for you when you think of Feng Shui landscaping? Are you stuck trying to figure out how to best optimize for positive energy flows when it comes to your immediate outdoor environment? In this article we’ll explore some basic tips and concepts that you can apply in order to achieve a healthy balance and harmony, as well as neutralize any hidden negative impacts that could be happening to your home.

Many people focus most of their Feng Shui cures and practice to their indoor space. It is just as important to apply sound Feng Shui principles to your outdoor spaces. Let’s see if we can enhance the quality of energy surrounding and entering your home.

1. Neutralize any poison arrows in the immediate environment. A poison arrow can be thought of as a negative energy projection that is directed toward your home. A poison arrow that is directed toward your front door is especially problematic, as the front door is considered the “mouth of Chi”…where positive or negative energies enter your home.

Sharp angles that point directly toward your house or front door are examples of poison arrows that can be detrimental to health, career goals, wealth attraction and more. The hidden arrow could be a sharp corner angle from a neighboring house, or a neighbor’s roof ridge, for example. If possible, plant a tree between your home and the origin of the arrow, as this is a good way to neutralize and negative energetic impacts the sharp angle is throwing your way.

Avoid planting a tree or shrub that interrupts the flow of Chi toward your front door though, as you don’t want to inadvertently set up energetic blocks that could cause damage to your home’s energy and opportunities.

Another poison arrow solution is to position a Bagua mirror over your front door, which will help nullify any negative impacts from the offending arrow. Another common Feng Shui cure is to place an outdoor wind chime in line with the arrow. The idea here is to interrupt the direct path of the arrow that is “taking aim” at you and your property.

2. Enhance your future wealth with a well positioned shed. Apply the Bagua map to your property and locate the wealth area. If possible, place a utility shed in this corner. Doing this sends a message to the universe that wealth is being gathered and stored on the property. If you happen to have an outbuilding in this area, make sure it is well maintained and well organized, which includes being clutter free.

3. Use colors to power your Feng Shui outdoor landscape. Using the Bagua map once again, locate the life regions on your property and note the colors associated with each region. If possible, plant flowers or shrubbery that contain the color of the region you are looking to strengthen. If living plants aren’t a feasible option, place a meaningful item or piece of artwork that contains the color or combination of colors that correspond to the region.

Begin implementing these straightforward Feng Shui landscaping tips today for improving the positive energy quotient of your property. You’ll be glad you did!

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