Home Inspector Training Helps Build a New Future

Today, home inspector training has blossomed into a major force that can help power the future of the American economy. With the housing and real estate markets currently down and projected to improve soon, analysts forecast that the future can be bright for careers in home inspection. The work also opens doors for people to be part of a movement as infrastructure slowly shifts to the use of eco-friendly technology.

At present, home inspectors are sought-after professionals whose services are valued by many in the United States. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Services have released figures from as recently as May 2007 that the average home inspection wages can go up to as high as $50,440 annually, or around $24.25 an hour. This salary can be different across state borders, with home inspectors in Alaska making exciting highs of $70,000 a year.

Even more promising for those considering a career in home inspection is how emerging technologies are set to change the way work is done. A demand for ‘green’ or environmentally sound technology is giving specialized home inspection professionals a new avenue to specialize in and take advantage of. With the federal government poised to invest billions of dollars in eco-friendly technologies for energy research and infrastructure improvement, it falls on home inspectors to be able to help people understand and adapt to the change. It is these people who are also best suited to help establish norms and new standards for environmental impact that future structures will need to comply with.

To prepare for this future, home inspector training needs to expand and grow. Training schools should make provisions for a possible boom in the industry, since more and more people are looking for a stable and secure career in a growing field. Institutions that provide training must also be prepared to adjust to advances in technology and new building methods. Finally, these places of learning must also instill the eagerness to pursue continued learning, so that in the future, home inspection professionals can also adapt to changes in building materials, techniques and the introduction of new methodologies.

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