Award Plaque – A Star of Tribute

Award Plaque – A Star of Tribute

I’m sitting at a formal dinning table amongst my peers. We are at a banquet hall and there are hundreds of people talking to each other, while at the same time delving into their food. The lighting is dim but in the middle of the room there is a stage with a spot light shinning brightly. There is a speaker in the center who is mixing jokes with sincerity and the attributes of speeches of the many attendees. I am present at my company’s award ceremony that honors the few who have surpassed the goals that were set before them.

At the end of each presentation, as they are called on stage for congratulations, they are given an award plaque for remembrance of this major event of their life. This award plaque is a more tangible and permanent means of giving credit and value to the person who has performed beyond expectations. It is an effective way to acknowledge their contributions and value. Employee awards have become the standard way of doing business.

The word plaque comes from the 19th century which means ornamental plate or tablet. An award plaque is always attractive and is made to be displayed on a recipient’s wall. It represents prestige and shows high appreciation for that individual or group.

An award plaque can be for rewarding employees, team mates, organizations, volunteers or family members. It is for anyone that a mere “Thank You” just isn’t sufficient. Most award plaques are composed of meaningful personalized message that can latterly bring tears of joy to the recipient eyes.

Some award plaques can have inspirational or famous quotes. These would be related to success, leadership, creativity and knowledge. One of my friends is a sales manager for a large company. He has a crystal award plaque hanging proudly on his wall in the den. Upon it is a quote by Thomas Edison. Proudly it reads “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.”

They come in many styles, shapes, sizes, materials and finishes. These high quality plaques are perpetual, photo, custom, engraved and all occasion. Some of the materials that they are made from are wood, acrylic, crystal, Lucite, stainless steel, bronze, pewter, marble, slate and brushed aluminum. Types of engraving services include laser etching, mechanical engraving, sand carving, photographic etching, silkscreen imprinting and die casting.

Engraved plaques are a work of art. Recipients can tell how much thought was taken from the words that are inscribed. Hand engraved plaques are more expensive but are very authentic and rustic. Machine engraved has largely replaced hand worked plaques. They are less expensive and they produce images accurately and effortlessly. Laser engraving has truly changed the face of engraved plaques. Laser engraving is a precision art that allows the engraver to burn text, pictures and high detailed images right on the plaque.

Perpetual plaques feature a larger header plate with additional smaller plates. They also feature a company’s logo and are the choice for donors or recognition awards.

Some plaques have paper certificates mounted on the plaque using high quality photo paper. Some varieties for finishes are walnut, mahogany, marbleized and black ash. These finishes display a distinguished look to there character. They are all durable and sturdy and can be kept in perfect condition for a life time.

The right award serves as a positive emotional reinforcement. Memories of great accomplishments will never fade away due to these treasured awards.

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